Ampliative Art: Project Introduction

The idea is to develop a decentralized and democratic web platform which allows carry out the art procedure I’ve called Ampliative Art.

Ampliative Art is an empowering, self-sustaining art procedure based on a set of ethico-social and cooperative principles such as reciprocity, inclusion and plurality. It’s purpose is to foster dynamics of collaboration, engagement, co-creation and sharing, and to facilitate to art actors around the world new ways to remunerate, distribute and recognize their works.

Here is the Ampliative Art Manifesto site and its proposed development.

(More info: Objectives, vision and principles)

Key Features of the platform:

  • Users can create their galleries and upload their works

  • Give/receive money donations

  • Comment/criticize, share, rate the contributions of the community

  • Propose exchanges for the works exposed

  • Take part in the decision-making, propose ideas and discuss the existing ones

  • Increase their community reputation according their contributions

  • Receive distributed income according their community reputation

(More info: Proposed web-platform features and Possible tools for building it)


Im looking for core team members who want to join the project in a more regular way:

  • Back-end

  • Front-end

  • “Foreign affairs”/fundraising

  • Communication/Social networks

  • Motivator/facilitator/design (me)

And also are welcome all kind of collaborators who want to help us building a web platform and disseminate a project to empower engaged art actors and art as commons.

(More info: Looking for Core Team members, and Looking for all kind of collaborators)


It is a non-profit organization, but the proposed strategy is to launch a crowdfunding campaign for remunerate and motivate those core team members and contributors who want to collaborate to build the web platform. Once the web platform was built and included all initial features commented above, all collaborations could receive income according the community reputation achieved by their contributions.

(More info: Initial strategy proposal , Phase 1 of development and Proposal for remunerating contributors)

You can read more about me here.

You are all welcome!!

If you want to join or just ask something, please comment here, in the related posts or

And please, feel free to sign the Manifesto and share the project wherever you want!