Ampliative Art: Looking for Core Team members

I believe it could be better for the project to join some Core Team members who can be involved in a more intensive way. If we join at least 4 core team members in each specialized field will be easier and efficient to move the project.

Here is the core team members we require right now:

  • Back-end developer and front-end developer members: two devs specialized in these programming fields who could lead the construction of the platform and manage the code from those people who wants to collaborate.

  • “Foreign affairs”/fundraising member: a person with experience in fundraising and cultural management with high motivation to open networks to the project.

  • Communication/social networks member: a person who could translate and disseminate around the world our vision and our message in a creative, awesome way.

I can be the motivator/facilitator/design core team member, so I can do my best growing up the team, helping others and making easy to collaborate while motivate all people involved. I also can be the design core team member. More about me here.

There is not any requirement for the core team members except to be involved and contribute to carry out the project. They will be the leaders who manage all those fields mentioned according the strategies decided collectively and the tactics they believe best.

Here is my proposal to look for fund possibilities for these core team members.

If you want to be one of these core team members, just tell us something about yourself, your background (if you are a coder please specify your tech stack), any link (if you have), your estimated schedule for contribute in this project, and how it could change if we find fund chances.

For more info on the project check out the Description page or

Any comment, critique, idea, proposal or hello also welcome :))