Open rampette - THE CALL - here come the prototypes 2017-05-21

Hi there!

The open rampette project has quickly moved forward to the design phase. We just finished a week-long design sprint with the goal of presenting 7 new concepts to the community meeting on June 21st.

The prototypes were inspired by the insights collected from the user research conducted with the online and offline community. You can find a report about the main insights here.

It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it: in general, it is very difficult with non-designers to talk about concepts, but when you have some prototypes in your hand everyone is capable of expressing their opinion and give constructive feedback.

I’d love to let you all experience the prototypes, but unfortunately here on edgeryders I can only describe them in words and show some picture. Please ask question if something is not clear and use the comments below to provide your feedback.

We divided the concept and prototypes presented in 4 different categories:

  • 1.How do I find accessible shops in my area?
  • 2.How do I recognize the shops that are accessible with temporary ramps?
  • 3.How do I call the shop for assistance?
  • 4.How does the shop owner receive the call?

For each category, several prototypes/concepts have been produced:

  • 1.1 An app to discover accessible shops in the city
  • 2.1 A sticker to identify the accessible shops in town
  • 3.1 A doorbell with improved usability and gives feedback to the user
  • 3.2 A device (fitted with beacon technology) that advertises the presence of an accessible shop and allows the user to call for assistance with his own smartphone
  • 3.3 A custom device that understands (via bluetooth e beacon) when it is close to the shop and can be used to call for assistance
  • 4.1 A custom doorbell receiver (small and wearable) on which you can choose how to get the notification (sound/vibration, light)
  • 4.2 Receive the doorbell call on your smartphone.

If you want to know more about the features, the usage and reasons that are behind each concept You can have a look at a summary on this pdf,

Don’t be shy and give your feedback on the proposed ideas. Which one do you think will produce the biggest improvement on the actual context? Which one is the most desirable?

After analyzing your feedback and the one given by the community we will update you with a final prototype plan. :slight_smile:

Here you can have a look at the slides presented during the public event of June 21 @ La Stecca.

Here is the photo gallery of the event.

Code and cutting files of the prototypes are already on github!