Opencare Third Consortium Meeting

Dear opencare team, @melancon / @Alberto / @Noemi / @costantino / @zoescope / @markomanka / @lakomaa / @Rossana_Torri / @Franca

We will soon get to meet again in Milan, and this time the host will be the wonderful WeMake team.

While the agenda is still in progress, here is my modest contribution to the list of topics I wish we get to address to this occasion, if not earlier:

  • Review of project advancement (milestones, project advancement in general and for each beneficiary)

  • Project reporting aka BIG work ahead - please read this post and browse this folder to contribute to the reporting work (drafts of the technical reports part A and part B namely)

  • Future developments for 2017 - useful for reporting too (especially tech report part B, Impact)

  • Update of the Data Management Plan (for reporting)

  • Ethics (for reporting mostly)

Let’s keep our eyes peeled for further agenda updates :slight_smile:

On it

My plan is to start from the Budget and Timesheet trackers, then go back to Tech Report part B; finally, do Part A.

The meeting

Tino will represent EHFF in Milan. He is however (decided long time ago) a speaker at a conference on Wednesday so he will have to leave on Tuesday. Therefore, it would be helpful if any reporting or decisionmaking sessions where EHFF is part is held when he is present.

He will present some really intresting han highly policy relevant findings from our multiple case study on when “open” care projects might emerge and when under which circumstances they will work. He will also present the quantitative survey we have made. (A summary is also added to the reporting document - (in google docs)).

This is a hard one …

Dear Erik,

I can’t resist but express my disappointment. I dare think I won’t be the only disappointed one.

I have no doubt the work you do and that Tino will present is of interest, and I do understand you want to give priority to the conference presentation. But how can you imagine we can re-organize overnight???  Since when is that conf prez planned? We’ve been discussing and planning the agenda for quite some time now. The official, decision-making, consortium meeting is on Wednesday, a date that was decided based on people’s objectives and constraints.

Everyone need to keep an eye on the discussions ( here or here), You now know how we work. We can’t double everything by email …  We expected all partners to report on their activities, to anticipate on the mid-report (doc and interview).

I’ll see you in Brussels I guess.


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pretty unacceptable


when we “reschedule” the program according to @Alberto and @melancon requests I asked Luce to check officialy and via email (!!!) to have the OFFICIAL confirmations from the steering comitee representatives.

As you can see (look for it in your email)

SUBJECT: Consortium meeting in Milan - please confirm your presence on Nov 30th

Dear opencare team,

As you know, opencare is just about to meet again very soon, and for now, the agenda would be settled as following:

mon 28 nov : one2one partner meeting with Luce about Admin & data workshop (in parallel)

tue 29 nov : all day will be used to an open activities / event

wed 30 nov: all day will be used to present each other all the activities (as suggested by Guy): Steering Committee maker activities

To the request of our hosting partner, for booking issues: we kindly ask you to confirm as soon as possible whether you will still be in Milan on November, 30th for the steering committee, in order to definitely fix the agenda (some of you already have discussed the schedule on the platform, but it has to be clear for everyone).

Also, for the 1 to 1 meeting with me: I will be here to review with you the budget you will declare for reports, and discuss any other admin-/finance-related issue (depending on your needs). I therefore ask all partners to bring along an up-to-date copy of their budget tracker to have material to overview together.

Thank you for your comprehension and see you very soon,


Luce Chiodelli

Project manager

Projets Horizon 2020 opencare et IdEx Europe

Direction des Relations Internationales / International Office

Université de Bordeaux

LaBRI, Bât. A30, bureau 165

351 cours de la Libération

33405 Talence, France

+33 5 40 00 89 49

Mea culpa


You are right to be disappointed. This is entirely my fault, I got the dates confused and told Erik I could do the full Milano conference, but later realized that it conflicted with a previously scheduled conference on the 30th in Stockholm that is impossible for me to get out of. I apologize for causing the mess for both you and Erik. You are also right that I should learn the Egderyder system that everyone else is using instead of emails, which I think I have done now. I have seen your discussions about the dates, and we don’t expect you to change the schedule to accomodate my misstake.

Since some of you were concerned about our output, I wanted to come to Milan for one and a half day anyway and show you the work if there was a free slot or informal meeting. The reason is to hopefully assure you that we are on schedule with the deliverables and our progress with the policy paper, case studies on open care and survey, and also get your input on the survey. However if you prefer we can simply put the documents for you to see.

I will make sure from now on to follow the Edgeryder system instead of emails and not cause problem for everyone else, again I am sorry.