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Help you move forward after Covid. Edgeryders researches and experiments creative models for how organisations and communities in the post pandemic world can work.

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These things, if working properly, make a nice tool set. I am not that familiar with the ‘message app-based alternative.’

I think we need good copywriting to convey is that they are not plug and play in their current state. They things that are cooking in an r&d lab to which they can have early access or partner with us around developing. Not sure how to do this, or how well it will work - think MIT media lab rather than Apple?

Yes, except other than the analysis tools, the tools we work on aren’t all that exceptional, they are just our creations under our control so we can offer an environment compatible with our values that get us away from the panopticon. However, if we draw attention to that, security becomes more of an issue. Our video Now program isn’t Zoombomb proof, for example.

Maybe we play up the ‘partner with us around developing’ idea…it’s honest and hopefully helps us get farther along.

yes, the question is what you offer that makes it attractive enough for them to want to partner with us around this? What was it that drew people to the media lab for example?

A free ride for one thing - the students who got accepted paid zero the whole time they were there. The partners who paid for it all (my company was one of them) got access to everything the Lab worked on plus a semi-annual three day gathering hosted by Negroponte that was always in some different fantastic Boston area location (Aquarium, JFK Library, Old Car Museum, historic colonial places) with extraordinary catering and superb wine and presentations by the students with a lecture explanation and a hands-on testing opportunity for the sponsors. Any other time you wanted to go to the Lab for some investigation of a tech, it was arranged. And if you as a sponsor had a project that a student could work on with you at your site and you would finance it, they would come and work with you. Two times students stayed at my house and came to work with me for a couple of weeks and worked on new sophisticated tools for news consumers. It might still work this way; probably does. I went 1995-2001.

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Maybe for us we stress what I sometimes call our opportunity marketplace, which is what I see us as being to a large extent. I do think it is up to us to create the blueprints, so to speak, for what we want. To that end we’re wrestling with the registration/consent process as one example.

So what do we offer…funding if we can get it. Otherwise it is more ephemeral. Relationship building that sometimes leads to paid work? Satisfaction in helping build something that you can point to that reflects your own values?

hey hey :slight_smile: - see edit above now?

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I like it…