Plenary 17/06/2024

Hi @reeflings
Please see the agenda for next plenary session on Monday.
Some changes can still be done, so bear with us (including the confirmation of the location).


hi ugne and other reeflings,

  • i added a link to a proposal of number of bike-spaces we would want, that’s part of the ‘common spaces’ topic
  • i added an extra topic, if there would be time, but feel free to remove it, it’s linked to a post i made a few days ago… It can also be put on the agenda of the plenary of July 1st, (or maybe done via ER)
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Team building hat: we added an agenda point, you can find more info about it in this post on apartment choosing.
Sorry this is a bit last minute!

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Team Community Life hat: @Lee, can we take a few minutes to validate a new line on our mandate during the topic on team set up? See my post Team Community Life: what is it for?

@ugne: any idea yet of the place where the plenary will take place?

Hi all !
There agenda now has links to threads or documents for each item.
Looking forwards to seeing everyone tomorrow…

hi @reeflings ,
If you haven’t seen the calendar, the plenary meeting tonight is taking place at new exciting venue : Namahn, Rue de la Limite 21, 1210 Bruxelles
Thanks, @johannes


Hi all ! <3
I was looking forward to coming today but unfortunately I am sick :cry:
I will come on Saturday to help out on the site (if we have the keys) !
Cheers !


Take care Laurianne!

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I don’t have any strong preferences, other than being mindful of time.

Can it be an option to make tracked changes in the “domain” document (Description of the Teams, saved in the Teams set-up folder), and then do online consent? This is the link: Login – Nextcloud


I have edited the document Lie is taling about (see above).
Can you come back to us with questions and concerns, if any, so that we can move to a consent on this?


thanks sarah, no questions/concerns…