Project activities and calendar

This is a wiki and will be updated continuously to reflect what we are doing and where we are with Spot the Future project development.

We run from May to July 2015, with the following:





Who is responsible?

Announcement blog post

Introduces Spot the Future and ER - Arcub partnership

week 1


Recruit engagement manager

Through open call and peer nominations

week 1-2

Noemi & ER LbG

Seed content from team

Personal stories and why we are involved in this project


weeks 2, 3

Noemi, Nadia, engagement manager

Physical meetup

Open, informal gathering in Bucharest to meet the nascent community

week 3


Detailed project plan

Deliverable for Arcub

week 4


Event announcement up and running on

Call for participation to the workshop

week 5

Noemi, engagement manager

Seed content from participants

Articulated blog posts

weeks 5-7

community members

Ongoing online conversation

Engaging new participants to share their stories

weeks 5-8

community members

Call for workshop codesign

Outline key themes based on insights from online conversation

week 8

Engagement manager

Gather session proposals online

Community members put themselves forward to lead sessions, facilitate, coordinate side events

week 6-10


International Edgeryders to join the event

At least two Edgeryders will be invited to come to Bucharest

week 9


Summary of online conversation

Deliverable for Arcub

week 9


Final event: workshop

Facilitated by the EdgeRyders team

Documented online by community

2 international guests from the broader community

week 12


Video documentation

Deliverable for Arcub

week 14





Online engagement e.g. through “Working out loud” blog posts; social media - an example here

Community management: helping newcomers find their way into the project narrative and online space - an example here

Offline meetups in Bucharest: informal, can be organised by either team or community members stepping up - an example here

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