Reminder weekly Virtual Cafe for team and community: Wednesday 6 November at 18:00

Hi all, we are 1 month away from pretty much closing this year, and all the POPREBEL edgeryders festival events are happening this month:

I propose to discuss again the following:

  • Updates about onboarding participants: how do you invite the community to the event - your invitation text? where do you promote it? and how you ensure participants engage with the online community?

  • Your list of participants + their user accounts + stories on the platform. This list will help you keep track and report on your results! (Example: Czech participants)

  • Your budgets

  • Documentation: Included in the POPREBEL Engagement Strategy document in our shared google folder. Also: more about the methodology and your feedback/ questions here.

  • IMPORTANT: how to report to get paid at the end of the year? We need to be aligned and avoid surprises. Please check and re-read your contracts to avoid misunderstandings OK?


Thanks for coming @Jirka_Kocian @jasen_lakic @zalesjan @TamaraVuk @natalia_skoczylas @AskaBednarczyk @kuba_svehla. As usual, if you guys can post about your progress before Wednesday, or use written communication, it is better!


I will be boarding a plane around 6:30, but will try to make it work