Status update: Fellowship submissions under review & still accepting proposals

Hello everyone,

This is community management central :slight_smile: to let you know that theme and session proposals are now being read and shared with the OpenCare partners and SCIMPulse organisation which is funding the Fellowship program (ping @markomanka from the team).

More importantly, the review process is a collective validation process in which community members step up to add to each other’s questions, ideas, critical thinking. Here’s how: we will be circulating the posts with the broader Internet and edgeryders network in order to collect feedback to the materials posted and give ourselves a chance to reflect deeper on how community care in each respective field happens. Community validation means we make sense of existing knowledge and build new knowledge. Whether it is because you want to solve local problems or expand access to services, keep governments accountable, avoid expensive mistakes or learn new things about the world in which you live, knowledge is power.

Help shine a light on each initiative and connect it with the people, knowledge skills, and resources to take it to the next level! 

The social media team now managed by the lovely @Owen will be sharing each story on various channels over these next weeks. Please sign up for the #CountOnMe regular digest where we each commit to tweet or share the beautiful posts with our own networks. This guarantees a high quality program for OpenVillage Festival for everyone.

While we are digging deeper, we’re also allowing for greater diversity by accepting Fellowships proposals until end of May.

Hope this works for you,

@Damiano | @Nabeel_p | @Gehan | @Alex_Levene | @WinniePoncelet | @Mariekebelle | @Natalia_Skoczylas | @Luke_Devlin | @steelweaver | @Yannick | @Shajara @Matteo | @burglarv | @powermakesussick | @Jack_Dushica  and everyone who has been in touch one way or the other!

Waving from Brussels,


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Great, to keep you posted - information about the fellowships has been published on various platforms, I am weeding out the first pitches and then directing them right into the platform. Good to know we still have so much time. I will start taking a look at the posts myself soon.


Hi @noemi & @natalia_skoczylas

This may be a bit delayed but I was wondering if you had any information on the actual Scholarships available for participation? I will be attending a conference in London on the 18 Oct 2017 and would love to use that trip as a means to attend the Festival. How could I ensure my participation in this Event. This would be the ideal platform for me to forge relationships, collaborations, co-design and learn from others.

hello Nabeel, you’re welcome to come by - there is a very good train connection between London and Brussels, we’re starting on 19 of October and finish at night on the 21 of October. did you see the program already? Are you sure you can make it?
About the scholarships, we only support active members who have been helping with coordination, organisation and so on. But there might be a place for you in shared accomodation, depending on available spots. Please come by and meet the edgeryders :slight_smile:

I can also help you find a cheap room, or maybe try couch surfing? (Do you know it?)


Hi @natalia_skoczylas . Thanks so much for your feedback. I am just awaiting feedback on additional costs to be beared, e.g. conference fees, food, transportation. If I can be confirmed as a participant, I’d like to proceed with my Visa application soonest. I can, unfortunately, only travel to Brussells from London on the morning of the 19 Oct 2017, as my conference in London closes at 10pm on the 18 Oct 2017. And thanks for the heads-up about the Train. This suits me perfectly.

I’d appreciate help with finding an affordable room. I have couchsurfed before but in this instance I’d like to dedicate time to the activities and meeting people as this is an incredible initiative. Using CS may take too much time away from mingling and interacting with the other participants. As soon as I receive confirmation from you I’ll continue with my plans.

There is no fee, we grant tickets based on engagement in the platform and participation in the community. I encourage you to take a bit of time to check our festival section (top of the page, on the left) to see the program, comment on the sessions, maybe offer a talk yourself? You can also help with some stuff on spot, like washing dishes or helping cleaning. Food will be provided during the sessions, there are lunches and dinners if I am not mistaken which we will cover. Transportation - if you get a place near the venue, no costs :wink:

@natalia_skoczylas Thank you once again. I’ll spend my morning familiarizing myself with all content. It is only now that I am getting used to the platform. I would be very keen to potentially present a talk on my own work and struggles and opening up my intentions to participants to assist in co-design. I will definitely avail myself to any ad hoc tasks if it provides me with opportunities to learn from and with others. Thanks so much Natalia. If there is no expensive fee, then I can commit to attending as I will then be able to afford participation.