Summary of CC 15th of October "Reaching Out" and actionable steps for the event organisier

Hello, dear people organising and being interested in the Festival with NGI and Wellbeing in November,

Thank you to all of you who came to the call on the 15th 18:00 on “reaching out, inviting and signing up to the festival” and to everyone else working to organise something with us. Here is a summary of the call and the next actionable steps we discussed:

1. Organising the events themselves:

  • Every organiser should be able to say if they or someone else take care of these 3 roles for their events. If it is yourself, please say so, if it is someone else, please list the name and role of that person in your event description and get us in contact with them so we can make sure they have everything they need :slight_smile: :
  1. Facilitator for workshops/talks/sessions planed. (These also include activists and participants who take a more active role in your event)

  2. Documentation organiser Someone needs to be responsible for the coordination and partially conduct documentation for the event. Get them in contact with us to discuss our method for community documentation methods.

  3. Contact person for questions and logistics

depending on your event you might also need to name other roles such as:

  • (Reqiererement Engineer for hackathons)
  • (Matchmaking organiser for networking events)

Ask yourself if you can take care of all of it, or if you need help. It will run smoother if you assign those roles. If you have a problem filling them tell us and we will try to help you find someone. Also, get the people you assign in contact with us so we can organise together more smoothly!

2. Outreach:
We will create a facebook event for each of the Festival events for you. IF you have questions regarding that ask @anon82932460. We also commissioned templates for flyers for social media, which you can see here. We will prepare those for you, just provide us with:

  1. A short title for your event

  2. A one-sentence pitch description of your event

  3. An image to put onto the flyer to which you have the rights, which either connects to your topic or shows you or one of your speakers/facilitators in action (in that case, please give us also their name)

send those directly to me @MariaEuler and load them up as replies to your festival thread and ping me and @anon82932460

We will also hire a journalist to interview all the experts and activists that are crucial to your event, their field and that we would to especially invite into the further discussion. Please provide us with the names and contact of the people coming to your event/invited to your event, which you think we should interview!
3. Sign Up:
We set up the sign up via the minisite (Edgeryders Forms). Everyone can sign up here and select the event they want to attend. We then answer them personally telling them how to activate their ticket by making a post with the organisers in cc.

  • Personalise the templates for the answer emails for your event:
  • Give us an email address which we can cc in the answer email of those who sign up to your event :slight_smile:

4. Budget:
The Budget for For the NGI events is 12000 euro + 2500 euro for travel, for the pop rebel events there is a budget of 1000 euro per event, summing up to 3000 euro in total, which is taken from a different funding body.

  1. Fill in your budget in as much detail as possible here: Edgeryders Festival 2019 Budget - IOH - Google Tabellen

  2. Remember to keep the receipts for anything you need to be reimbursed for

  3. If what you need to pay is via invoice, like the location or the fee for the facilitator, you can have them make it out to Edgeryders directly, so you do not have to pay upfront. Contact @marina about how to make those invoices.

AND most importantly: If you haven’t already, finish the description of your events on the platform! @zelf, @TamaraVuk, @pbihr, @jasen_lakic. (@natalia_skoczylas, is someone from wellbeing missing?)

@everyone in who was in the call, please feel free to add to this: @johncoate, @inge, @nadia, @natalia_skoczylas, @TamaraVuk, @jasen_lakic, @zelf, @…)

@ the other organisers, here is the update for you, feel free to ask. @BlackForestBoi, @mrchrisadams, @soenke, @erik_lonroth, @pbihr


Doing it now, are we supposed to do it fully in Serbian, in wellbeing>serbia part of the forum?

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@natalia_skoczylas and @nadia, which language for the wellbeing festival posts? @jasen_lakic The minisite is all English, so an English version would be good, also so we know what it is about and can help with the outreach, but if your audience needs it in Serbian too, maybe it’s best to do both versions.

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I already did everything in Serbian, to post it in wellbeing serbia part, because I saw Polish event was like that. Will put the English version for you guys.

By the way I think this kind of posts about the upcoming event should be pinned to the top of each country forum part


One person I will invite is Nikola Canak, he is a very high profile speaker from Novi Sad. Would be great to have him but I wonder if he will be expensive.

In any case, here is his biography:

Prof. dr. dr. Dr. Canak (Dr. Nick) was educated in Novi Sad and Berkeley and has been educated at leading institutions in Europe.

He holds a PhD from US universities (Stanford and Cornell) and has been a Fulbright Foundation Fellow on two occasions.

He is the founder of the Education Center for Permanent Education “NTC” in Novi Sad, a professor at the University of Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Dr. Nick has worked in 52 countries, a renowned motivator, lecturer, doctor of medical sciences, professor of communication science, master of judo martial arts, figure skating instructor, Fulbright Foundation Fellow, author of 13 books in communication science, Network Marketing, Success Psychology.

Immediate, confident, hyperactive - Professor dr. For many, Nikola Canak is a role model for a happy and meaningful life. He graduated from medicine because he wanted to be Dr. Kilder (the hero of the famous TV series of the 1960s). After 25 years, in the early 90’s, in one day he emerged from the profession and opened the space for new professions: he began to pursue applied psychology and motivation.

He now holds trainings and lectures attended by several thousand people.

He is the creator of a complete system he called “Total quality of life”, is a master of several martial arts, is married and the father of seven children.

@noemi @nadia @MariaEuler what would be your advice?

It’s not like the event will not work without him but I feel it would be very beneficial, increase our credibility and in fact, be beneficial for the whole wellbeing in Serbia project if we could get him on board in some way…not for the workshop but use the workshop to bring him in the Wellbeing in Serbia, hoping he will become our advocate of a sort locally.

PS: I will have the English version of the event post by the morning, I am veeeery tired right now :slight_smile:


Hei Tamara and Jasen, good joobb!
So we are doing the Becej event before Belgrade?

About the guest, it depends on how much it costs to bring him. If it fits the 1000eur event costs great, if not we can book him later next year, when it will be clearer what the community needs. A mid solution is to just interview him and see what the response is.
I pinned both your events on top of the Serbian Wellbeing category. If you add photos to them, they will appear nicer on Wellbeing in Europe | Edgeryders
Also on that website, @owen should have the registration form. Owen, please also send us the individual link to the form so we can post it on the platform? Thanks.

The audience aka participants needs the comms in Serbian.
The outreach for this will involve more the wellbeing site than the festival site.

Jasen, please don’t spend too much time translating everything into English, a paragraph should do.

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@inge, @noemi, @nadia and @jasen_lakic could we maybe invite Dr Nick for an interview?

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You can introduce Dr. Nick in an email to me please, and I’ll set up the interview @jasen_lakic

Email template for the interview invite is here (second part of the post): Interview framework + Template for requesting an interview via email

So far the only expense for the Becej workshop is 50 euros for the venue. Let’s count in 50 more for drinks.

Yeah it makes sense to simply interview him and see how it develops. @inge I am still waiting to see his availability for November. If you want to interview him in general for next year anyways then I will propose that to him and introduce you guys.

One of the innovators from confirmed his participation. Sending him to you for an interview as well.

It was my proposal since the feedback was overwhelmingly against Sunday :slight_smile:

On it.

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Haha perfect.

November 22, 2019 → Novembar 22, 2019
Time: 17h30 - 20h30

Location: 21220 Bečej, Serbia, Ulica Braće Tan 5-7. Than Memorial House

Organisers: @TamaraVuk @jasen_lakic @noemi

Facilitated by: @jasen_lakic

Status: Taking care of speakers and discussing with local partners


Update/Create individual event descriptions with Catchy Name for the event, URL for signup form, Description of format & process, FAQs, Logistics info (address, time, date, team info) - follow this template;

Give Natalia photos + statements/quotes she can use to customise design from the template: @natalia_skoczylas

Organise 2 calls to develop the session topic with the confirmed speakers; conduct one on one interviews & skeleton posts with each participant:

Call#1: Individual interviews with confirmed participants & produce skeleton posts ( @inge @fsimonov with support from @natalia_skoczylas )

Call#2: Group call with all confirmed participants

Keep track of the festival signup form and welcome/onboard each person

Formalise practical arrangements for speakers participation: Travel, fees, onboard them on the process, organise schedule, collect bio info + photo + recommended reading materials for other participants etc (individual organiser with support from @natalia_skoczylas )

Make a twitter list of Europe-based people who are interested in the topics to be covered in this session then reach out to them & more people to propose people or put themselves forward for the list - ( @fsimonov - reaches out to each session organiser and asks who they want to engage, then organises outreach/comms campaign around that) .

Prepare press/communication kit & send to local event calendar websites, journalists etc ( @fsimonov )

Push out comms campaign for event via social media for event ( @fsimonov )

How do we stop the brain drain from Serbia?

One of the solutions is creating a suitable environment for empowering youth. The most important resource, from any company or a country, are people. The investors put their money in people and ideas…in human potential, not in companies. Why? Because they know the company will never succeed without a great team. How can we expect to prosper as a country if we do not invest in the members of our society?

That is why we decided the theme of this workshop will be creativity and entrepreneurship. Our focus is on young people: how to we help them fulfill their potential? What kind of support do they really need from us? From parents, from the municipality, school or various organisations working with children, like for example the social care centers? Children with difficulties functioning within standard rules and education might need our help the most.
Our project was born out of that need to create an environment in which youth will flourish, in this case it will be the Becej Creative Hub, which we will present on this workshop.


We are creating a partnership made of individuals and all organisations in Becej who want to contribute to empowering young people and through that improve the quality of life in their community. This workshop and the project we will present during it will be the result of a poll we conduct between teenagers of 3 high schools in Becej. It will be built through their participation as well.

Before workshop: We connected with all 3 schools and few organisations, with goal of creating the needed partnership to and conduct the needed poll within the younger population so we can adapt the project to their needs as much as possible.

Why document everything: The documentation from the discussions are redacted to ensure privacy of participants, then posted on the online discussion space for the festival. This enables us to do a number of things -

easily reconnect with people we met across shared/complimentary interests

build a high quality report summarising what knowledge has emerged from the discussions

keep everyone informed about new, relevant, opportunities for professional and personal development, follow up events etc


Introduction, Who are Edgeryders (5 min + 5 min Q&A)

Project “Wellbeing in Serbia”: how to use the platform, the importance of our stories and connecting with others (10 min + 5 min Q&A)

Innovator (20 min + 10 min Q&A)

Nenad Čanak (30 min + 15 min Q&A)

Presenting the project “Creative Hub in Becej” (10 min + 10 min Q&A)

Open discussion about the project (until the workshop end)

Who is coming?

To confirm still

Speaker from the association of innovators, Serbia

Prof. Dr. Nikola Čanak

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an invitation/ticket to this workshop?

How is this event being organised?

This event, and the festival it is part of, is coordinated on the edgeryders platform (where you are now) and co-curated through a series of community video calls. We have allocated a collaboratively managed budget for the festival and operate on a solidarity basis. Participants who need some financial support to organise or be able to participate in the festival are eligible provided they contribute towards making it a meaningful and generative experience for all - in the run up to, during and/or after the event. If you would like to join us but are unsure as to how to contribute, don’t worry. Create an edgeryders account, then tell us a bit about yourself here and we will guide you along from there.

Here the text needs to be individualised for your event!!!

We @TamaraVuk @jasen_lakic and @noemi are coordinating this event, with Spomen kuća "Than" | Home page, in collaboration with, and high schools (not confirmed yet) “Ekonomska Skola Becej”, “Gimnazija Becej”, “Tehnicka skola Becej”. Some people have been specially invited as guests because the work they are doing right now and their expertise will help ensure that the discussion is based on case studies, credible data and hands on experience.

How is this all financed?

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 822682.

POPREBEL_V01_BrightBlue.jpg4103×878 259 KB

Does getting involved mean I endorse the funders views or actions?

No. What you are doing is contributing to an open consultation on the topic of how to build a next generation of internet infrastructure, technologies, business models etc that promotes the wellbeing of humans and the natural environment. The consultation methodology is designed in such a way as to allow for diversity of views, premises, disciplines, themes and contexts. We employ open notebook science principles and the results will be presented in the form of a research report accessible to everyone after the event. You can follow the process, review the methodology and open source tech we are using and engage directly with the research and coordination team here:

What is the code of conduct?

The Edgeryders online platform technology and activities are intended for people to cooperate within and across projects trying to build a better world. The word “better” has here a fairly broad range of meaning. These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Edgeryders. Don’t forget that your use of Edgeryders is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

What happens with my data?

You can read about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here. Also:

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Text with EEA relevance)

Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Handbook on European Data Protection directive

European Commission website - Protection of personal data

Here is the post, where should I put it up? A bit confused with the format of Festival Program Overview

I see that’s a summary of all but the original posts are elsewhere. What to do with the English one? Put it in the campfire part? :slight_smile:

Set the post in Serbian and English both up as event posts in wellbeing. Than post the links here and I will take care of the tagging and linking them with each other so it gets pushed to the festival minisite

@noemi The form is up: Edgeryders Forms

For now the site links to the external form, but it can be embedded in the page if it’s a preference.

Let me know if there is anything that needs changing/updating.

English: Becej, Serbia Workshop: "Creativity and Entrepreneurship - Empowering Youth for Better Future"

Serbian: Kako zadržati mlade ljude? "Kreativnost i preduzetništvo: ulaganje u mlade za bolju budućnost Srbije", Radionica u Bečeju - #2

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As far as documentation is concerned, which methods should we use? In order to find a person who can do it I need a bit more info about the “job description”

Great! @noemi could you introduce the documentation method to @jasen_lakic or share a post that describes it?

There should be a section in the Engagement strategy Google folder. I can check and turn it into a post, sure.

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@hugi @inge @rmdes could you be the documentation crew for the Justice and AI workshop?

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