Summary of Community Call on the 1st of October

Here a Summary of the Community Call of the 1st of October:

We thank @mrchrisadams, @nadia, @noemi, @matthias, @johncoate and @inge for joining.

The goal of the call was to discuss the Deep Green research goal and Festival Events.

We did so in a wider sense discussing Edgeryders goal to map the field of how to get engaged in helping with sustainable and green ideas and behaviour based on skills and abilities.

The discussion also brought up the topic of Solarpunk and with the help of contacts made by @mrchrisadams we are now planning to reach out for a set of webchats/calls/interviews with solar punk (“Solarpunk Salon”). Stay tuned!

This in combination with Edgryders experiences and previous discussions about deeper engagement also leads to the plan of creating an “Organiser Interview Circle”

It was also a great oportunity to learn more about @Mrchrisadams eventplans for the festival and beyound and to discuss what we need to help each other.

Thank you very much!

We also discussed the influence of CO2 levels on intelegence and Nudist beaches.

Here the collected chat:

Please add your comments and what takeaways from the call as well as Solarpunk and contact links!

It was a blast and we would recomend you to join the next call: