summary of the festival community call 22nd of October

Hello, dear Community members,

on the 22nd of October, we met up with @inge, @erik_lonroth, @jasen_lakic, @zalesjan, @johncoate, @Kathryn and @natalia_skoczylas to get on the same page and see what need to be done next and how we can help each other for the festival events.

  • We started by discussing the signup process again, which can appear rather complex, so here a break down of the general process:
  1. Through this link: or through the “get your ticket button” on the minisite people get to the sign-up form. in this form they are asked: Name, email, to select the event they want to attend from a roaster, and to introduce themselves a bit.
    They get this message:
    Thank you very much! We will reach out to you via email with in the next 48 hours to give you further information and to discuss how to share your story best to confirm your ticket.

  2. The Edgeryders team send an email to each signed up person explaining how to sign up on Edgeryders and how to make their post to introduce themselves in relation to the event topic to "activate their ticket"

  3. As soon as they post their post, they have their ticket

If you want to invite especially interesting people we offer to do an interview with them and write the post for them to get the most out of their time and topic. You could use the “template for inviting experts” from this document if you want:

Any questions?

Regarding reach out:

We are going to set up a facebook event for each of the events on the minisite and make the organiser a cohost to make it easier to invite your network at large. However, if you do not use facebook and do have other channels that work better for you, use those :).

You can find the templates for flyers here:
Send us the copy and images to personalise them until Thursday the 24th of October or do it yourself/if that not possible we will just have it done by the designer from whatever they can find in your post with some copyright-free image. Please try to avoid that:

short title
short description/pitch line (line! really keep it short, have a look on the template!

Transport costs, food and such you need to pay and afterwards we will reimburse you, but invoices for facilitators and locations can be made out to edgeryders. Ad detailed description of that will follow and be linked shortly.

Updates from the projects:

@Kathryn will take over for @mrchrisadams on the
she is a professional facilitator of design workshops and we are excited to have her here. The date of the event is now the 28th of October

@erik_lonroth needs help to reach out to the academics and pedagogies networks in Sweden. (will post info shortly)

@zalesjan has pinned down the location and is developing the event :slight_smile:

The wellbeing events will not go through the signup funnel via the form, but instead directly ask people to post on the platform.

@inge stressed that she is available for any questions regarding communication and outreach.

let’s communicate and share! with each other and those we want to invite.

Booking the venue, inviting the facilitator’s speakers and core guests as well as for deciding if they need and if yes distributing flyers and information physically on location is the responsibility of the organisers.

The deliverables fo the events is having the participants sing up (see above) and post on the platform and the documentation:

Be available to answer questions from people who want to participate in your event, or give us an alternative contact.

If you need a bigger team ask or hire help.

If you need help to find your way, ask for it here :slight_smile:

We will start pushing the events via social media this week :slight_smile:

recording of the call here:


Thanks for such a quick write up @MariaEuler. As mentioned, we’ll be around in the next week-esque with the workshop outline

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