Tbilisi, Show us what you've got! Help organise fun After-Hours Activities!

Social activities, or in other words: what will we do in the hours not spend on the workshop and eating! Basically what is needed for this task:

  • Ideas! What could we do? For example, visit Vake Park camp-site and perhaps play some game, make music? etc. Think out of of the box!
  • Venue? If we plan on having an activity that requires a venue, we should organize one for that as well. 

the ideas so far:

so, at the georgia futurespotters bi-weekly meet-up we came up with the following ideas:

  • visit the Vake Park protesters and do some thinks there: frisbee contest, make music, etc etc

  • organize a volunteering activity, for example: cleaning up a part of tbilisi all together. Guerilla Gardening could help us with that!

  • picnic :slight_smile:

Set aside at least 2-3 hours

These all sound great, but take some time, and few are suited to do in the evening. I’m in for anything as long as it’s taken on board by whoever will organise it. Anyone wanting to do it?

Last year in Matera, for one of the social activities 2 people took full charge of organising a massive pasta party where we all sat around tables modeling dough; to give you an idea: they got in touch with a local restaurant who was up for cooking the pasta, made sure there’s plastic plates, some snacks, put flyers with location downtown etc And kept the organising live here on the platform so everyone could contribute with recipes :slight_smile: