Teaching Teachers Open Source

@alberto there will be more =)

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@erik_lonroth I can’t be there but I’m happy to take part of any documentation and learnings from the Borderlands workshop. Wish you the best of luck!

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So the workshop was a success at Borderlands with a handfull of participants. I didnt take any notes as it was more of a discussion on the topic.

I will try to follow up on this with a second workshop in Stockholm where enthusiasts could meet and try to develop a ‘for-teachers’ fundamentals of open source.

If you are interested in helping me organize it, let me know.


@erik_lonroth that is very nice to hear! Do you think that workshop you mentioned would be something for the Edgeryders festival? Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: See you there!

Its very much so! I am a bit outdated on what this is though.

I feel a bit rushed to meet the deadline for submitting. But if I can read up more and check my work schedule by the end of the week to see if it is possible? Is the deadline hard?

@erik_lonroth, the deadline is not very hard at the moment. If you can tell us something next week that will also be fine.

Which city would work best for you? Is Stockholm a good fit?

We are having a community call tomorrow at 18:00 Brussels time to discuss the general directions a bit more. If you want you can join in there to get an idea :). We would love to have you there!


I am interested and if the dates are in november, it works. But I dont understand 100% how it works.

Exact dates. Where it is? Who to contact? How to sign up? How can I help Etc.

My topic is “how we should educate teachers to educate on open source for humans”.

@erik_lonroth, no problem.

The event will be in November and we can be a bit flexible between the 19th and 29th to set up things so it suits those participating.

singing in the sheet as you did is a good start as well as the quick proposal post you made (Register for Edgeryders Festival - #6 by erik_lonroth).

looking forward to developing it further with you :slight_smile:

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I’ve created a “logo” for the event on the 28:th november in Stockholm @MariaEuler poster-image-1280-720
I hope its what you need.

I hope to be able to participate in the online meetings down the road. I’ve been so locked up in other things I haven’t been able to yet.


If YOU know any leader of a school or teacher that you think should participate in this event. Help them find me.

I need help with outreach and marketing of the event.

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Do you have a description of the event and what they might learn?

someone to talk to is Carl Heath

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Some more people to maybe contact?

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Kanske @zelf har koll?

Erik heads up I edited your post to add tags and the location. So when we do outreach people can easily see the context.

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I’ll produce a description to distribute @hugi @nadia @MariaEuler

In short:

  1. Learn about the corner stones of Free and Open Source and how those are equally fundamental to learning anything in a digital world.
  2. Collaborate on how to reach out to teachers with this message as one important group to win.
  3. Have a great time shaping the next generation internet citizens.

Do you have it in Swedish too?

  1. Lär dig om fundamenten i Fri och öppen mjukvara och hur det hänger ihop starkt med lärande.
  2. Med utgångspunkt i detta, var med och hitta vägar att nå ut till lärare och pedagoger som kanske en viktig grupp att nå ut till.
  3. Ha roligt medan vi formar nästa generation internetmedborgare.
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This is great @erik_lonroth! Quick question: can you make the text a bit more active? So, instead of “participants learn,” you can write “learn about”.

Could you help me out? I’m not sure what you mean. Thanx!

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