Team IT questions and updates

Ok, let’s start here. I am trying to reproduce the problem. I sent a DM to @reef-governance. The message did go through (, and the notification appears (below). However, it does seems like no email notifications have been sent since November 24th. Investigating. @Sarah:

  1. Can you see the notifications for my test messages upon visiting to Edgeryders?
  2. Did you receive an email notif too?

It seems that you restarted the list. There is now a file called “glitched version”, which, I assume, is the old list, renamed. I assume it because the current list has no version history.

Looking at the the glitched version, I see that someone applied a filter for Team Logistics task (about filters in OnlyOffice, same as in Excel). I have now removed the filter in the glitched version. @Lee can you please check if the problem has gone away?

No to both :open_mouth:
And I didn’t get the message :dizzy_face:

For the email though, I’ve changed my parameters. And I get a weird message also :

I’m on my phone though, I’ll try and check on my computer…

Hello @reef-it,

Following up to the plenary meeting, would you be willing to take care of helping out people (beginners and advanced users) with their discovery of Nextcloud and Edgeryders?


Yes! The question is how. The webinar failed. In Wave 1, the offer of one-on-ones also failed. So I am not clear how to proceed.

Personnaly, I think I would quite like a webinar, just maybe with a bit more notice, and/or a doodle?
And as Lie suggested, I think that it would be nice to have two different seminar, one with the essentials to navigate the tools efficiently, and another for more advanced feature…


I agree with Sarah. The webinar failed, but then it was a bit short notice and apparently some people were also struggling to find their way to the forum. So maybe it could be two webinars, one for beginners one for advanced users, scheduled in a couple of weeks?


I am happy to contribute as trainer if you need a hand

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Is it only me or is NextCloud down?

@reef-it : I can’t opnen documents in nextclouds, they directly go to download, which is not super convenient… Any reason for that? Can I do anything?

Yes, the reason is explained here: Plenary meeting 10/01/2023 - #12 by alberto. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for now. Tab.Digital replied to my ticket, but they proposed a solution that did not work, so I followed up and now they know they have to do more.


Hello @reef-it,

Here’s a couple of questions:

  • When you have a moment, would somebody be willing to remove all the Nextcloud accounts we no longer need? Here’s a link to a document with all of our current members.
  • Is there any news about the OnlyOffice bug? And if not, @manuelpueyo, would you be willing to write a short post about what you explained to me about the Nextcloud app?
  • Would anybody be willing to relaunch this idea of an IT webinar?

Thanks a lot!

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this is done !

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yes. i will actually record a small video demo

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Calling all @reeflings: you can once again use OnlyOffice on our NextCloud for online editing. After some convincing, Tab.Digital fixed the issue. It is now working as normal for me.


is this clear enough?

Thanks a ton @manuelpueyo!

I’d maybe add an introductory sentence to explain the why, for nitwits like me? Something à la “If you would like to get rid of the hassle of downloading and re-uploading documents from and to Nextcloud, you can install a Nextcloud client on your computer so that all documents are synched automatically.”?

And maybe you could add a link to the web page where people can download the Nextcloud client?


@reef-it , could this issue be back? I’m logged in and able to navigate in the folders on nextcloud, but when I try to open a document I get “ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin”. Is it just me having this issue?

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Hello @reef-it !
I am wondering whether nextcloud is down? I tried to use it on 2 computers, and I can access the file location sections, but when I try to open the document, it just doesn’t work…


hi sarah, it works with it’s definetely not down, try to download the doc. try another browser if you have one installed,
you can call me if the thing persists

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