The OpenCare bigger picture for year 1

Hello all, after three months of working like dogs I am starting to see the bigger picture for year 1 of OpenCare. It works like this:

  • January: project starts
  • February, Brussels: 1st Consortium meeting, Collaborative inclusion (by @Ezio_Manzini ), Masters of Networks (by @melancon and myself) at LOTE5
  • March, Milano: Meeting with 5 communities in Milan
  • March, Milano: onboarding workshop at Fa' la cosa giusta
  • April 2: Opencare presentation at Genuino/Arduino Day in Milan
  • April: the OpenCare Research Fellowship program is launched
  • April, Milano: onboarding workshops at 5° Forum delle politiche sociali and S. Gottardo Social Street.
  • April-June, Berlin: Hacking Utopia, course on design of community-driven care services (by @Nadia and @Susa). In collaboration with University of the Arts Berlin (UDK) 
  • May 2-4, Berlin: Nadia speaker at Re:publica (audio and video documentation available here)
  • May 4 -11: co-design session in Milan
  • May 11, Milan: presentation at Disruptive Week.
  • May 18, Berlin: presentation at CAPS community event.
  • End of June, Stockholm: 2nd consortium meeting, and hopefully public-facing onboarding event (by @Lakomaa and @Tino_Sanandaji)
  • July: OpenCare Practice Fellowship launches
  • July, Milan: prototyping activities at WeMake
  • 7-9 September, Online: project development sprint in preparation for prototype-a- thon at CERN with the UDK students. In collaboration with CERN Ideasquare.
  • 7-9 October, Online: project development, requirements engineering and team matchmaking in  preparation for prototype-a- thon at CERN with the UDK students. In collaboration with CERN Ideasquare.
  • 7-11 November, Geneva: Prototype-a- thon at CERN with the UDK students. In collaboration with CERN Ideasquare.
  • 15-16 September, London: OpenCare at Data For Policy.
  • November, Milan: 3rd consortium meeting and again onboarding/public facing event (care of WeMake).

This is quite impressive work. It gives us the opportunity to do good communication, because we have a “pulse” to the project and plenty of ways to engage with it, online and offline in (so far) five countries in year 1 alone.

Now, I think, it is time to integrate a bit more. We need two things:

  • Documentation of offline stuff, so that offline workshops can be re-used to engage people online. This is not an option, but part of a legally binding contract we have with the Commission. Maybve it's just me, but I am missing documentation of the Milano events (example). 
  • TIghter coordination. For example, I can see a larger role played by WeMake and the City of Milano in the CERN event: there will be making, after all, and Milano can represent the policy maker, which is always interesting to designers – ping @Luciascopelliti and @Rossana_Torri . Partners have staff and travel budget, and I would humbly suggest this is a great way to spend some if it.

Are you up for discussing this in Monday’s community call?

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The OpenCare bigger picture for year 1 - Some other ingredients

Hi @Alberto and all

Congratulations to all for the great work done!

I would just add that in the city of Milan, during the months of March and April a big effort has been made to communicate the project goals to the city and to engage local users, in close interaction with WeMake.

The Workshops you mentioned are part of these activities, which include:

- A series of specific events aimed at informing/engaging local communities (MareMilano; Villa Pallavicini, Associazione Xvivaio; Social street S. Gottardo), posted on the platform.

- 2 practical workshops, conducted by WeMake and co-organized by the City of Milan under the frame of two citywide events (Fa’ la cosa Giusta, a big fair of sustainable lifestyles and the “Forum delle Politiche Sociali”, Social Policy Forum)

- We made an OpenCare presentation in a dedicated session of the Forum delle Politiche Sociali and there will be a forthcoming presentation (11th May) at the “Disruptive week”, which will take place in Milan.

In the next weeks we’ll enter the heart of Opencare activities with the two first co-design sessions aimed at producing innovative/community-driven care solutions. This activity of co-design is preparatory to prototyping (WeMake, in july).

So, Opencare is running in Milan!

With regard to documentation, we are discussing together with WeMake about the adequate tools and timing to document local activities in order to better link them to the Eu level and the network of participants. There are some “critical” points that we could share in the next online calls.

Anyway, the process is going on.

About the interactions with the activities promoted by CERN, we welcome your suggestion and of course will be glad to particpate in the CERN event, representing a public institution.



Rossana and Lucia

Please do report back especially from the co-design sessions

Hi Rossana,

What we are looking for is something that allows others to actually contribute meaningfully to push the learning forward. Ideally in a form that enables people to build on one another’s work: understanding who is in the room, what’s going on in their world and the challenges they are coming across. To get some idea maybe have a look the documentation from LOTE5 (which was produced with practically no resources btw).

As an example please refer to the online announcement and then documentation of Ezio and Yara’s session on collaborative inclusion during LOTE5

Announcing the workshop (well in advance):

Documenting the workshop (posted online on the same day then uploaded soon after):


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Adjust with planned actions and deliverables?

Thanks Alberto for taking a distance and providing us with a bigger picture.

I went back to the project Gantt chart and deliverable calendar to see how the things you list fit with what we have announced. I invite everyone to do the same. As far as UBx is concerned, we had planned a “hackathon” with documentaiton to be delivered by month 9, workshop (and associated material) to take place at month 12 – which does not appear in your list. That being said, the MoN4 at LOTE5 did not appear as part of the deliverables of the project …

So we might need to adjust and sse how sleek we are with the Gantt and all.


That was knowledge sharing in WP1

MoN4 was meant to introduce some ideas from net mining to the consortium, with the perspective to share knowledge from our respective domains of expertise. I expect some other partner to do that in Stockholm, and indeed in all consortium meetings! Then, since we were doing it anyway, it made sense to open it up to non-consortium people – again, I strongly suggest we do this in all consortium meetings.

How do you suggest we …

… deal with deliverables:

D 1.1 Hackathon documentation (planned submission date M09)

D 1.2 Hackathon material, workshop venue and (planned submission date M09)

Should they report about a specific workshop to be organized at the planned dates, or shuld report on all activities that contributed to a “seamless integration of online and offline project environments” (I’m citing our DoA part of the GA).

Although I have no doubt about how we run and use these activities, I am just trying to foresee how we need to comply with D1.1 and D1.2 for which UBx is lead beneficiary. Other partners might endorse a similar role, with similar questions for others deliverables.


I would simply plan this back to back with the event at CERN, scheduled exactly for month 9. The easiest would be to do it in CERN; if not, you can plan it in Bordeaux too, even though that would reduce consortium participation.

An alternative is to move it back two months and schedule  it as a part of consortium meeting #3 in Milano.

Following up from conversation with Marco re Fellowship Program

Here is where we are right now.


Actually, it says: D1.1, initially month 3, updated at 9.

Initial documentation: already on the platform, and in fact submitted at the beginning of month 3.

What needs to be done is another push in that direction. And again: CERN would be a good place for it, n’est-ce pas?

I’m confused

Let’s make sure we look at this during the next community call Mon 25.

Also, we are participating in re:Publica, May 2-4 in Berlin

“The re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Since its foundation in 2007, it has grown from a cozy blogger meeting with 700 participants into a wide-ranging “society conference”, with 7000 visitors in 2015. Representatives of digital culture share their knowledge and decision-making tools, and discuss the future of the information society. Here they can mingle with activists, scientists, hackers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, journalists, social media and marketing experts, and many others”

Updated the activities list

Thanks to @Rossana_Torri and @Nadia for their info.

Co-design session 4 - 11 May is missing in the list

On 4 and 11 May, WeMake and the City of Milan will present the first co-design session for OpenCare project. This two-day session is based on designing of collective solutions on care needs.

I added it in the list

What is the presentation at Disruptive Week in Milan?

in the list :

  • May 11, Milan: presentation at Disruptive Week.



Disruptive week

The Municipality of Milan has been invited to present some of its projects related to the themes of social innovation and open government.

I’ll post more details as soon as we will have the program of the sessions.

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Onboarding routine (slide)