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Connecting with new people in ways that offer you radically new perspectives of the issue or field you are in and new ideas for how you might fit into it. Finding your people across shared interests. Getting outlines of what you might be able to do together. Identifying hidden talent that is just right for solving your challenge. Identifying possible strategic alliances.

Right now you have four options, each of which is not really fit for the task

  1. Events (little to no support to find the right people who you should meet during the event)
  2. Linked in: advanced phone book and bragging/self promotion space
  3. FB/ Twitter: adhd - no memory
  4. Coworking spaces - they promise to connect you to good opportunities but the pool of members who frequent any physical space is generally too small to close the circle of needs and offers. Many don’t run 24/7 either.

Edgeryders stack of virtual coworking and distributed collaboration technologies make it easy to build and shows new connections people make between topics. As well as which people seem to resonate/cluster around the different connections being made. Once you know how to connect people in meaningful ways, it makes it possible and easy to catheard people towards developing new business or research ideas. Cocreate pitches or prototypes. Build new strategic collaborations. Or help you find the right pool of talent for your challenge. What we offer:

  • New digital tools for better online and offline events
  • Support upgrade your organisation’s distributed/remote work
  • Next generation technologies for virtual collaboration
  • Joint projects and programs

Our Services

Readiness Audit

  • Interviews
  • Recommendations
  • Change Management Program

Distributed Collaboration Training, 8 day program

  • Mooc
  • Manual
  • Learning community (outreach activities & management)

White label installation

Platform activation & animation services

  • Engagement engine design
  • Community management
  • Content Management

2.5 Day Training Program, Remote

  • White label Installation: Basic - Discourse + 1 Standard Webkit site
  • Orientation: 1/2 Day
  • Discourse training: Wizards type format - Simple, Advanced
  • Community mgt: Will also learn ow to use & modify the platform, Academy courses
  • Add ons: Community Mgt & Data analysis Dashboard, Data analysis training (Graphryder, Open Ethnographer Academy courses).

Tools we offer

  • Webkit: Online platform + modules
  • Remote Learning Materials - Mooc + audits + coaching
  • Reports from experiments and events


A stack of technologies that talk to the and to each other to enable us to* :

  • Produce minisites on the fly for edgeryders projects:
    1. The minisite content (but not the structure) must be editable from inside Discourse or both content and structure must be editable an deployable from the webkit GUI, using a Discourse account. The second option would however mean that a full markdown editor with live preview etc. would have to be added to the webkit, which is why I am rather against that. Let’s keep it simple, and close to Discourse, so that it can be published as a “site builder for Discourse” eventually.
    2. There should be a few modules that take in YAML content (as a link to a Discourse post that contains a YAML code section) and display it in a visually enhanced way. This is needed to publish sections of the minisite in a way beyond what Markdown inside a Discourse editor is capable of. An example for that technique is here.
  • Improve success of onboarding people towards the edgeryders site
  • Standardise our distributed event production methodology
  • Build an effective alternative to social media communication campaigns for outreach efforts
  • Decentralise key community onboarding and activation tasks away from community managers to volunteers (welcome committee).
    Improve visibility and communication of research findings

Online Platform

A dynamic online space for learning, networking, coordination and business development

Some of our clients and parts prefer to nest their online collaboration spaces within the platforms maintained by the Edgeryders organisation. Either because they don’t have in house tech support, or because they want to draw the benefits of being plugged into our friendly and supportive global community. We don’t charge anything for this, but do require everyone to agree to basic rules of conduct and respect the social contract which keeps our space healthy and generative for everyone concerned.
Features of our online collaboration platform solution:

  • Email slayer: Used correctly this platform will kill need for email based communication. Edgeryders is an email-free organisation thanks to this technology and easy to follow protocols for using it.

  • No more document version headaches: Any static document can be transformed into a dynamic, collaboratively editable one.

  • HR can use this to lower cost and time spent on recruiting and training new members.

  • Project teams can quickly generate interactive reports with links to key documents on the fly

  • Project teams or event organisers can generate interactive and dynamic websites for the events where curated content from conversations before and after are displayed.

  • For Communication campaigns, it becomes a way to crowd-source reporting and outreach efforts among its members.

  • Open Ethnographer add-on: Allows you to annotate content on your platform and create ethnographies of your conversation. Good for: low cost high quality and always up to date knowledgement management.

  • Graphryder add-on: Allows you to see SSN graphs of your conversation and an ethnography of your distributed business cluster. Good for: Finding the right people for any given challenge or task.

  • Training add-on: We offer community management training, as well as training for management of the forum and best practices to help them be successful.

  • Consulting add-on: We can take on community management, content curation, event coordination and even co-apply with our clients for research projects, grants or open calls.

  1. Show examples of what comes out of it: OpenCare - A better kind of contact tracing, collective autonomy Report, Digital Futures report, Stewardship Report,
  2. Add-on features from:
  3. Add-on features for Graphryder & SenseStack

Add-on layers to transform your events into collective intelligence engines

Registration forms that smoothly convert your audience into active contributors of high quality content

We want to make it easy for people to connect and start the conversations before, and after the event. So that your events generate consistently generate high roi for participants and for your organisation.

  1. Example: AI & Justice Summit - Booklet
  2. Demo: Invitation - Registration - articles on platform - summary post & discussion - booklet.

Always-on video chat webinar and break out meeting rooms

These are intended for things like running online events where you need breakout rooms, running team meetings or setting up a digital watercooler spaces for spontaneous chats. They are only available to people with user accounts on your online platform.

  1. Features: We need to ask Maria and Owen about this!
  2. Demo: create an edgeryders account (fill in registration form) then click here.

Add-on layers for Communication & Marketing

A message app-based alternative to the email newsletter

we have a chatbot on telegram and on whatsapp to which people send messages in response to a call for input on social media. That chatbot relays and aggregates the contents onto a platform where an editor can then put together a summary of what has been said and send it back to the people who participated. Use case is that frontline medical workers and activists are largely sharing information and coordinating via messaging apps . The problem with this is that: 1) it is not clear that the information shared is accurate 2) people are just overwhelmed with the sheer volume of info 3) there is no documentation of what has been exchanged — so no way of passing on learning in case of a new crisis 4) you do not keep track of who has contributed what - which means that you do not know who the real experts are that you could then turn to in the future for help. We have already developed some of the code to enable this: Now we need a rough sketch of a nice, simple user experience and interface/information architecture that works for people who are really short on time and super stressed. Can you give us 30 minutes of your time today? We are working here: #t_edgeryders_an1s2t4bxd

Campaign builder

We have developed a stack of modules that enable you to quickly set up a single purpose minisite and it with relevant content .This makes it easy and inexpensive to so things like set up a website around a specific activity such as conference or crowdfunding campaign. As well as present content picked from the online forum that enables your to feature discussion threads or high quality posts with little additional work. Everything is easily updated through the platform. Examples include:,, and

Rapid Landing Page generator

We have developed a stack of modules that enable you to quickly set up a single purpose with relevant content .This makes it easy and inexpensive to so things like set up a website around a specific activity such as conference or crowdfunding campaign. As well as present content picked from the online forum that enables your to feature discussion threads or high quality posts with little additional work. Everything is easily updated through the platform. Examples include:,, and

Tiered access landing pages

Example use case: Webinars or Screen videos with password-protected livechat. This is very useful for when you want to have different levels of access. For example you may want to limit access to people who participated in the preparatory conversations or participated in a previous activity. It is also useful if you want to do crowdfunding campaigns where one of the perks is to have one’s questions featured during the webinar. Example here:

A word about our tools

If you can’t open it, then you don’t own it. Everything we build is open source, so there are no hidden licensing fees or vendor-set constraints. Also, it makes it easier for others to spot and fix any security bugs, Something which you cannot rely on with commercial technology vendors that avoid scrutiny and sometimes even penalise those who do identify critical security flaws which put their users at risk. An added benefit with using your own installation of our data is that you don’t have to worry about us selling your data to third parties because the data sits on your own servers. Why you should care about this:

A low risk way to introduce it and train your staff

Edgeryders can provide an already animated environment where you or your staff can develop the right skillsets and practices without need to make the full investment into setting up and maintaining your own platform. This enables us to easily connect with others interested in, and engaging around, our topics of interest. This means you do not have to get the conversation going. Deepen the discussions. Build visualisations to show points of convergence with others as a foundation for potential collaborations around emergent insights. White label option: We can also help you to install and customise your own platform.