Translations of basic text for the site

the tag wheel - clever!

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  1. Najčitanije priče (most read stories), Najpopularnije priče (most popular stories)
  2. Podeli svoju priču (share your story) maybe add “sa nama” (with us)
  3. Vise o EdgeRyders (more about EdgeRyders), standard is just to put “O nama”, (about us)
  4. Pretraži forum

Are you only focusing on Serbia or also Croatia/Bosnia? It’s almost the same language and if you focus on more than one country maybe call it Serbo-Croatian for the sake of political correctness…it’s a complicated region :smiley:

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Thanks so much! We are focusing on Serbia, but yes, have been advised the same by our university partners: language Serbo-Croatian.

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Is it possible for different languages to get only stories in that category?

For example, for Polish, when you click on the main menu on the left, we should get only content from:

Also, where did you get these numbers? 112 Topics by 22 users. Are these users only topic creators?

Alberto’s post from early June mentioned 40 participants.. They are authors of both topics and comments, and maybe those numbers have a stronger effect…

Yes that’s the idea!

Only topic creators. Not easy to get that number from the endpoint but… I can include all ‘members’ listed in the category instead.

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super, yes!

Give us a headsup when it’s done and we can promote it as landing page(s). Nice work.