Translations of basic text for the site

the tag wheel - clever!

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  1. Najčitanije priče (most read stories), Najpopularnije priče (most popular stories)
  2. Podeli svoju priču (share your story) maybe add “sa nama” (with us)
  3. Vise o EdgeRyders (more about EdgeRyders), standard is just to put “O nama”, (about us)
  4. Pretraži forum

Are you only focusing on Serbia or also Croatia/Bosnia? It’s almost the same language and if you focus on more than one country maybe call it Serbo-Croatian for the sake of political correctness…it’s a complicated region :smiley:

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Thanks so much! We are focusing on Serbia, but yes, have been advised the same by our university partners: language Serbo-Croatian.

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Is it possible for different languages to get only stories in that category?

For example, for Polish, when you click on the main menu on the left, we should get only content from:

Also, where did you get these numbers? 112 Topics by 22 users. Are these users only topic creators?

Alberto’s post from early June mentioned 40 participants.. They are authors of both topics and comments, and maybe those numbers have a stronger effect…

Yes that’s the idea!

Only topic creators. Not easy to get that number from the endpoint but… I can include all ‘members’ listed in the category instead.

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super, yes!

Give us a headsup when it’s done and we can promote it as landing page(s). Nice work.

Hey everyone, so the languages now load on the site according to a URL parameter:

Still missing the introductory text, title and ‘about Edgeryders’ sections translated for Czech, Serbo-Croation, Polish, German:

  1. “Wellbeing in Europe”
  2. “How are we building good lives against a backdrop of massive social, economic, political challenges? How are we creating opportunities for ourselves and where can we support one another better? In work, health, family, community life.”
  3. “About Edgeryders”: “If you are new to Edgeryders: we are a global network of 5000 people who are interested in participation, health, technology, social progress, innovation, and many more topics. We come from all walks of life to access interesting information, make new connections and collaborate. By sharing experiences with one another we turn our collective knowledge into useful advice to make better decisions for ourselves and our families in the near future.”
  4. “All posts about”
  5. “View our Campaigns”

Big priority for Czech - @Jirka_Kocian

Thanks, @owen!

But hold off with translations, everyone, we first need to rewrite the English text.

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Hei, @inge give us a heads up when it’s done so we can translate it?

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I am working on it now @noemi - will make sure I wont go to bed until it’s done (but have call with client and dinner with parents and little monster in between). I am still struggling to find a way to add the value for the audience, as I am still not quite sure what could convert them. Any ideas you have, please share. But I am sure I can come up with something better than we have now :slight_smile:

ehm, this is what I have now, but I’m like “meh”

“Wellbeing in Europe”

“Inspire and move others into action by sharing the tough times you went through and how you came out of it. We are collecting your stories, so they can help others deal with similar problems.”

@noemi @fsimonov @natalia_skoczylas @nadia

Something like “every generation leaves its mark on history. With digital media come the means to change the very nature of what information is true, deep fakes etc. We want to collect authentic human stories of how normal people are living our lives in different parts of Europe in 2019” ?

so, the question is, what value are we offering - who is more likely to share their story because of X.

I came up with “inspire others with your story” - to some that may be appealing, but I also like @nadia’s proposed value “leaving a mark in history with your story.” Another interesting value could be “connecting” with others (this turns out to be a major reason for writers to write).

I also think we should shorten the first sentence, make it a call to action and then explain who we are and why we want people to share their story on their wellbeing.

How about:

“Wellbeing in Europe”

“Inspire and connect with others all over Europe by sharing your story”


"About us: we are Edgeryders, and we are collecting stories on how people are building good lives against a backdrop of social, economic, political challenges. We are collecting these stories to better understand how living a good life in these uncertain times is being managed. We want to make our generations mark on history in this digital age here online, sharing how normal people are living their lives in different parts of Europe in 2019.

Or maybe we just put up this video :wink: :slight_smile:

I think a simple call for action is a good idea - I’d give it a go. Not sure if that will make people engage, but we need to keep trying. We are competing with much more precise forums and platforms and networks, but as we’re gaining the content, we might be able to present it as something worth people’s time soon. I hope it works! :slight_smile: Kudos girl! Great effort:)

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@owen - I have prepared my trabslations quite a while ago but they’re not implemented, do you have access to this thread?

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Hi Inge, should I move on with translating this text or should I wait for the final version?

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I’ll let you know after our content curation call

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  1. “Wellbeing in Europe”
  2. “Inspire and connect with others all over Europe by sharing your story”
  3. "About us: we are Edgeryders, and we are listening. We are collecting your stories to better understand how people are building good lives while dealing with social, economic, and political challenges. For more about who we are, check us here. LINK

@owen / @noemi where are these supposed to lead? thanks!
4. “All posts about”
5. “View our Campaigns”