Translations of basic text for the site

Hello everyone, I’ll need some basic translations of the following texts in Polish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Serbian, Czech:

About the category post - this does not need to be the same as the English version, as long as it is roughly the same length.

The following titles and short lines:

  1. “Burning Topics” or “Hot Right Now”
  2. “Join the Forum” or conversation
  3. “About the Organisers”
  4. “Browse topics”
  5. “About Edgeryders”

Thanks to all!

@Jan @Jirka_Kocian @natalia_skoczylas @noemi

If you can tag any other relevant people for these, thanks!


@inge can you help Owen to put together shot descriptions that are apprealing and drive participation?

Owen, who’s the target audience?

@inge Newcomers to the platform from their respective countries.

The main thing is getting the titles (1-5) into those languages, that should be straight forward as it’s only a few words per title. If there can be some additional lines such as ‘check out the most talked about topics on Edgeryders and join the conversation’, it would be a plus.

The other part is an “about” blurb, which should roughly give an overview of the Wellbeing project for people who have no idea what it is - see this.

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Hey, so there are a few things I think we’d need to change about our texts. Especially if want people to take action. Let me explain (looked at the page through riot link):

How are we building good lives against a backdrop of massive social, economic, political challenges? How are we creating opportunities for ourselves and where can we support one another better? In work, health, family, community life.

It’s asking difficult questions - and we should avoid asking questions, let alone difficult one, as less people will be inclined to take action. But also, the questions make me as reader think you will give me the answer. But what we want is the people coming to our landing page to click on a button that allows them to share their story. We want them to take action. It also has maybe too many “difficult” words, and since we really want a wide audience, we have to be mindful of that. (words like ‘community’ are very much only appealing or understandable to one higher educated left leaning target group)

So, an alternative to to overarching explainer could be (rough draft, very open to input, but you’ll get the idea):

Job loss, no access to healthcare, chaotic or unfair elections and more. Living a good life in these uncertain times can be tough. Share how you manage to do so, whether it’s in your work, your health, with your family, or friends.

Now, regarding the copy for the buttons:

  1. “Burning Topics” or “Hot Right Now” - these lines are great for a young, active, artsy even audience, but would not be appealing to more conservative folks for example. Something more “general” could be: Most Popular Stories or even only Popular Stories (it’s easy, everyone understands it, and if I understand it, it’ll make me click more likely)
  2. “Join the Forum” or conversation - what do we want people to do here? Do we want them to join? And then what? As user, I have no idea what’s being asked from me if I’d join, and why I would want to. What’s in it for me. One option could be Share Your Story (unless you want a different action)
  3. “About the Organisers” - what is the difference between edgeryders and organisers?
  4. “Browse topics” - Just keep it simple, the only thing we have (correct?) are stories and topics, so I guess just Browse is more than enough
  5. “About Edgeryders” - see point 4

I think the wellbeing community managers may be interested in sharing their ideas re my text change proposals, @noemi @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @MariaEuler (is that all?)


Hey guys, taking into account Inge’s suggestion’s, here are the Polish versions:

  1. Najciekawsze historie
    2. Opowiedz o sobie (tell about yourself)
    3. Organizatorzy
  2. Szukaj
    5. O Edgeryders

I actually also think that Story in itself may not be the right word for the audience. I like @natalia_skoczylas suggestion, maybe we can more something like Tell Us About You.

What do others think?

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I like the short re-written summary Inge!!
And these which you suggested :

  1. Most popular stories
  2. Share your story
  3. About EdgeRyders - this spelling with capital E and R makes it easier to read
  4. Browse the forum

@Richard can perhaps help with the German version.

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I like @noemi suggestions, they are easy to understand even for not yet members.

For the German:

  1. Beliebteste Geschichten
  2. Teile deine Geschichte
  3. Über EdgeRyder
  4. Browse das Forum (also used in German, otherwise Erkunde das Forum)
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my suggestions you mean? :wink: i know there was a lot of text, it’s hidden in there somewhere tho :smiley:

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True, sorry. Nice work with the topics and options @inge :slight_smile:

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The share your story thing is so complicated in Polish ! :slight_smile: I’d rather keep it this way because the story is such a big thing and I imagine it to be a bit intimidating if you ask people to tell stories. Tell about yourself is a bit narrowing - but these mostly are personal stories. Not sure :slight_smile:

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I do agree to some degree on this point with @natalia_skoczylas - but I also don’t think we should overcomplicate (in English): “Most Popular Stories” and “Share Your Story” works well in English (although story is still quite heavy to ask from people). So let’s be flexible in terms of translations


  1. Best gelezen
  2. Vertel iets over jezelf
  3. Over EdgeRyders
  4. Browse het forum

Id go with tell us about you.


and basic text in Dutch:
Werkeloosheid, onze Nederlandse identiteit onder druk, onduidelijkheid over onze toekomstige pensioenen, en het hele klimaat vraagstuk. Een fijn leven leiden in deze onzekere tijden kan moeilijk zijn. Hoe probeer jij dat te doen? In je werk? Met je gezondheid? En hoe zit het met je familie of vrienden?

PS: I’ve been living outside of the Netherlands, basically, since 2007 (I was back in 2008/2009 but parttime in Brussels, so that doesn’t really count). And I’ve been following Dutch news, but I didn’t necessarily know what was keeping the Dutch up at night. Until now. Cuz I’ve checked a few research outcomes and the dutch national broadcaster’s opinion-panel (Alle uitslagen - EenVandaag) for this translation, and it made me really really sad. Like, I kinda knew NL had become more nationalistic and conservative (and bigot, sexist, racist), but I didn’t really know? If you know what I mean. Now I am sad.
(and don’t get me wrong, NL’s always been secretly nationalist, bigot, and racists, but it was more behind closed doors and less all out in the open).


  • “Co nás pálí” or “Nejčtenější”
  • “Přidej se k fóru” or “Přidej se ke konverzaci”
  • “O organizátorech”
  • “Prohledávej témata”
  • “O Edgeryders”
  1. Nejčtenější příběhy
  2. Sdílejte Váš příběh
  3. O EdgeRyders
  4. Prohlížejte fórum

Thanks everyone, for translations and suggestions, you can preview the site here -

@inge @natalia_skoczylas @MariaEuler @Jirka_Kocian

There are a few parts still missing, could you take a look at the site and post the equivalent texts (aside from the individual Bios and Posts…) in the respective languages. Thank you!


Looks good to me, @owen!

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