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Hi Cindy. I’ll soon book flights to depart London early morning 19 Oct. Unless you have an alternative way of getting to Brussels? I’m open to suggestion.


Eurolines and Megabus have supercheap bus rides. It takes about 6 hours, which is not all that different from flight considering everything (I think). Comfort level same as a Ryanair flight.


Hi Nabeel,

Thanks for being so persistent! Can you let us know which of the tasks listed here you can coordinate? If you can commit to one and join us for the weekly Wednesday calls where we plan the work, leave a comment there so that we can count you in. I will get back to you with an option for accommodation!


@rachel @asimong @bernard @cindys you guys will be staying in an AirBnb apartment near place Flagey close to the venue. I forwarded you the itinerary on email - let me know if the dates 18th- 22th work for you… this means you’d be staying for the whole festival :stuck_out_tongue:


@alex_levene @Olia you can stay in an AirBnb also near Place Flagey. I forwarded you the itinerary on email - let me know if the dates 18th- 22th work for you… this means you’d be staying for the whole festival

Alex, meet @Olia! She is the brilliant soul who designed but Olia: introduce yourself proper, here? - see Add Topic! <3

There is a couch left in your apartment which I suggest to make available to someone else in this thread…


Super, thanks @noemi! Yes, I’m planning to stay to Sunday. In case anyone else is on Eurostar, I’m booked on the 15:04 from St Pancras on Wednesday 18th


I’m travelling on Wednesday 18th by Eurostar, leaving on 15:04.


Hi All. If any others are looking to share AirBnB do let me know. Thanks @asimong. I will have to leave London early morning at circa 06:30 by rail/bus to Brussels on the morning of the 19th Oct. I anticipate arriving at circa 08:40 in Brussels and will make my way to to conference. Unfortunately, I have to remain in London on the night of the 18 Oct for a meeting.

If anyone else plans on leaving London early morning 19 Oct, do let me know.


@noemi thanks for arranging this! @asimong look forward to meeting you! Seems likely I will depart LND on the Eurostar on 17th Oct to meet with some people in Brussels and then join you all at the flat on the 18th.


This is wonderful, thanks @noemi

Hi @Olia, looking forward to meeting you properly at the Festival


@Sohayeb @baderdean


I encourage everyone to sign up for tasks here

@nabeel_p @alex_levene (just double check) and the rest of the folks coming over


Hello, I’m looking for an accomodation from 18 October to 22 October close to the event. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I am also looking for accommodation - any and all suggestions welcome. Thank you.


@baderdean @minted242 I will have a look at apartments, or depending on your budget would you prefer hostels?

Minted242 have we met or are you part of a team already set to come? I don’t see any posts by you around here, have you registered for the festival? That would be the first step to join. See instructions on


Thank you for the information @noemi, I looked at the registration now but I unfortunately cannot afford that individual participation fee in addition to finding accommodation and traveling there.


@noemi. The cheapest and the closest to the event is the better. However I don’t have a clue about the budget of the funding for hosting… @zmorda


Thanks, Noemi. I accepted the airbnb itinerary, which looks fine. Please let me know if there is anything else to do in this regard. Looking forward to meeting everyone else! Hi, @asimong, @bernard & @cindys - I am a biologist working with Hackuarium in Switzerland!
My big interests are citizen science, public health, and dynamic ‘genomic integrity’ - an idea which is basically pulling together all the molecular genetic aspects of cell bio into one ‘big picture concept’ - esp to sensitize people about possibilities for prevention.
ciao for now


I rented an Airbnb studio close to the venue (~15min walking distance) from Wed 18-Sun 22 Oct. I reserved it with two guests since it is the same price as one. I can take my thermarest sleeping pad (183x63x7cm) and offer it to a second guest to crash on. @noemi, if you know of any girls in dire need of accommodation you can direct them to me.


This is very very generous of you Gaby! will do <3