unMonastery - an organisational update

Couple of updates on the organisational structure of the unMonastery - a new detailed organisational chart (see an enlarged version).

Key updates:

  • Rita Orlando has taken over from Andrea in Matera and we’re very happy to have her onboard working with us - her current work is focused on getting the construction work going on the unMonastery building, identifying potential partnerships in the local area and figuring out the logistics for LOTE3.

  • Ilaria d’Auria, Fabio Malagnino and Paolo D’Ercole are heading up the communication and community management team.

  • Francesco Cingolani is taking the lead on the co-design process and working with MIMERS the architects enlisted to take on the unMonastery building in Matera.

  • Bembo Davies among others is leading the hosting committee - if you’d like to help out head over to the workspace.

This is by no means fully representative of those pitching in on unMonastery but rather represents those who have elected themselves to particularly distinct roles within unMonastic life. If you’d like to get more involved in the process please visit this post.

I’ve just created a google group discussion board in order to facilitate the administrative backbone of unMonastery - from which weekly updates will be posted on the EdgeRyders platform to keep everyone aware of developments.

Join us on the community call tomorrow morning at 11:00 CET to discuss unMonastery’s development further. If there’s anything you’d like to raise in advance; the agenda can be found here.

Lets keep working :slight_smile:


Oh Ben, what progress in the last two weeks!

Glad to see the chart almost full, and especially that in addition to having names in, your team is finding confortable tools to work with and communication channels to coordinate. or at least that’s what i’ve been seeing lately, here on platform and thru email. See you tomorrow, let’s keep working! ( Sundays are interesting working days indeed.)

good morning :slight_smile:

posted the reminder about the call on social media channel(s), so lets meet in half an hour :slight_smile:

The structure looks quite clear indeed, its a nice way to present it,

I guess I’m joining Bembo here :slight_smile:


Is it me or the image is unreadable because too small?


Check enlarged version?

I think it’s better: https://edgeryders.eu/uploads/default/original/2X/3/357af48efab6b1b330562f2ce3b0b46534b5b7d0.jpg

View Image

The image itself is not too small, just shown in a scaled-down version to fit into the website. Right-click on the image and select “View Image” (or similar) to view the image at 100% zoom. Or, to the same effect, click on the link Noemi provided.




UnMon is growing!