Wanted: some graphic design for #LOTE3 material

The Matera 2019 committee has generously decided to print out flyers/postcards/totems etc. to make the passing of the unPilgrims in Matera. Can someone who feels designery donate a couple of hours of graphic work?

PS – What about flyers that double up as conference badges? Kind of like these, but with a LOTE3 aesthetics? We had an innovation with badges at LOTE2 that I would love to keep…

totem measurements

hey guys we need to have some totem with ER graphics to show all the infos about LOTE3: programm(ITA / ENG? if there’s enough room) and especially logos: ER, unMonastery, MT2019, the Dutch Embassy, Sviluppo Basilicata (I’ll provide it as soon as possible, it is a new entry :-))

here are measurements: cm (75x197) width x height

let me know if you need further informations. It’s pretty urgent! They would like to print in a couple of days so to give the most prominence possible 'till LOTE

Bring in the big guns…

I think this needs [Nadia]'s personal attention…

Hi!  :- )

Ok. If I can help, let me know!


[pacheca] I don’t know if someone else is already involved. You were the one doing graphics for Lote, weren’t you? Maybe [Noemi] knows?

No, I don’t know of anyone being involved yet.


I made some graphics (like this one), but not the original graphics! like this or this


Ready to support as well!


haha you have no idea how happy this makes my little design obsessed heart. please please please lets do a google hangout about this today?  I would LOVE to take this opportunity to mix fun and usefulness in the material produced. For example I love [Jay Cousins] talk to me bubbles is so simple but quite effective. Another aspect is that with such a diverse crowd coming in, ways of making visible different expectations for how we want to interact with one another can be quite hepful. I have an idea for something called community rings that I was playing around with during the workshop in South Africa. Ok who’s in? when where I’m there!!!

your enthusiasm is contagious, Nadia! :- )

Yes, yes! I’m in! (smiling)

free to talk right now, until 3pm CET (today)

Hang Out

I could arrange 14:00 - 15:00 or in the evening from 21:00 on.

Also possible in evening for me!

14:00 On Google hangout!

here’s the link Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

ping me on nadia@edgeryders.eu if there is any issue with the hangout!

14:00 On Google hangout!

here’s the link Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

ping me on nadia@edgeryders.eu if there is any issue with the hangout!


I’m on.

Hangout chat: for the record

OCT 15th at 2pm CET


Caroline Paulick-Thiel


who would you call for help

who do you think is doing something special

inner circle - outer circle

making access visible

making ressources visible after the event

collaboration rings

carry around the rings as physical objects

Nadia E.



otr scanner

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Caroline Paulick-Thiel


nadia, repeat please

business cards don’t make visible what connections or resources this person offers

format that replace business cards

contact cards

Nadia E.


Edge Spark


Info about what we are looking for

concentric circles, in layyers

old school calendar RIta mentioned

spin the circle

spin the bottle

people, abilities, personalities, desires, values

Caroline Paulick-Thiel


qualities, abilities, contacts

one circle for each person

prototype ways of making resources and abilities visible to each other

impact, outcome, output, input

outcome: people to have spoken and interacted with people knowing who they are and how to find them after

discover resources and things that they didn’t know about

find new people that they didn’t speak with for future interaction

different personal processes

the right direction

clear aim to find or discover common direction

what needs to happen to foster that?

Opening the first session of the first day: facilitated process to discover that

output are the circles

a process to photograph the circles

1 unmonastery 2 peer to peer upskiling 3 disco

Nadia E.


cirlces as a puzzle piece to me, and also to the group. On top of the big pzzle piece we are compiling, of resources concentric around reasons?


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Caroline Paulick-Thiel


circle design with questions

questions in the middle

Nadia E.


OTR Scanner. convert wrtitten text into entry to databses



1.what do you want Egderyders to achieve?

  1. How do you think we can get there?

  2. How do you want to contribute?

Nadia E.




collaboration cards

main card, a5 layout, documentation of all the sessions.

Thought:maybe each facilitator of each session could make execise of building the inial idea. OF nuclear people and abilities around it. We would give this A% foldable poster.

caroline: I am the facilitator of session. At beginning of session instead of normal way of introducing yourself. I have my little cicle saying I am caroline, my resources are, im passionate about? No

Rita: in end of session. Facilitator delivers some thoughts about what happened. He had some ideas when he decided to facilitate the session. And afterwards he might make record of thoughts. if he doesnt make at that time the might forget

Caroline: for each session there should be: facilitator, documentor, time keeper.

TTake time for taking notes before you leave the room. Little time slot for everybody to take notes.

We need guidellines

reflections? Actions? First step to get started? Who wants to be involved, what can contribute? how much time? Contact information.

Caroline Paulick-Thiel


facilitator, recorder, timekeeper

name session, name facilitator, hashtag, link platform, question, photo

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Caroline Paulick-Thiel


dropbox, using existing stuff, program, poster, feedback cards, online, offline, circles, hats, 3 main question in arena

nadia: please install graphic dropbox

I wrote a post about this here, leave comments?

Tried to formulate what we discussed in this blogpost. Running to catch a flight, need help with

  1. Describing the different items in that list in more detail 
  2. Finding the files for the unMonastery logo and existing material (can someone ping Ola Möller for the links and add them in comment
  3. Finding a printer in Matera, getting price offers & sending them to Alberto Cottica, putting in the order . Ping [Rita Orlando].

gah, off to catch flight!



Replied to the new post! Will get in touch with Ola! Speak soon!

record of totem and postcards produced

For the record, here one can find the data that we’ve worked on.

Marked done