We have a team!

The FMN project last week was full of sleepless nights, numerous meetings, and heated debates over our geeky table, where me and Matthias, and later on Maria Byck, took the hardest decision so far in the project - whom to hire. We met a number of amazing people these days and they all seemed like good fits from many perspectives - they had great networks, they were open, they had different fields of expertise, and they shared our enthusiasm towards building this space for debate.

We will finally sleep calm tonight, as Dipti, Meena and Anubhuti joined the team. I met Dipti right before the Earthquake and while waiting for aftershocks, we had some time to exchange ideas and tips. With Meena and Anu we spent some time this Saturday, and these meetings were extremely informative and interesting. This way, we have Anu’s insight into Public Health and Innovative/Geeky communities, Dipti’s engagement into cultural and women-related issues in Nepal, and Meena’s expertise in political scene of Nepal (she wrote her thesis about external influences on constitution of Nepal) - she will be working on both reports with us, and supporting the online dialogue on related topics. I think this makes a pretty great coverage for starters.

Not to mention I am extremely happy to have such a strong feminine representation in the project at this stage. I’m looking forward to the next weeks and months.


Welcome to all!

Welcome aboard, @Dipti_Sherchan, @meenabhatta, and @anubhutipoudyal! My name is Alberto, and I have been around ER since inception. We are looking forward to getting to know you guys better and learn from you more about Nepal, earthquake relief and reconstruction, and alternative leadership.

Quick suggestion: how about a team photo? smiley


Hello @Alberto,@anubhutipoudyal and @Dipti_Sherchan, Glad to know about you enthusiastic people.

Here comes your photo

Hi @Alberto, see the article now. We made a nice team picture today after our kick-off meeting where all of the team met for the first time :slight_smile:


Hi @Alberto! I think you probably saw our team photo :slight_smile: I am excited about this project!

Hello team!

A Big Welcome from me to our great team! We had so many great candidates to select from, so now we have a great team. Easy as that. But what wasn’t easy is deciding between so much great talent here in Nepal … Natalia and I are both not made to be staff exec, ever :smiley: A big thanks to everybody who took the time to apply!

Now with a team like this, I’m sure Future Makers Nepal will become an interesting space to chill out and share experiences for the hardworking earthquake responders :slight_smile: Also I’m sure we’ll make it into an innovative solution to support all the local crisis response initiatives, which are so useful here in Nepal now.

We’ll introduce you (dear team) to the software tools that we use tomorrow, and of course come up with the contract documents for you (@anubhutipoudyal and @Dipti_Sherchan, remember to send us your residential address for that).

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Welcome Dipti, Meena and Anubhuti, looking forward to collaborating with all of you!

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HI there - I am slowly getting used to navigating this site while I am busy with other work to help the situation in Nepal. I know I need to write a full description of what we have done and what we are working on doing. In the meanwhile, I want to let you know that the MAIN CONTACT NUMBER for Community Service of Nepal is Madhav Bhandari’s cell phone. It DOES NOT HAVE SERVICE part of the time.  SO if you do not get through, PLEASE KEEP TRYING! We would like very much to connect with your team to see how we can work together to help the suffering people of Nepal!

Here is the number: +977 9841-264391



I also want to give you the email of Madhav Bhandari, in case you can not reach him by phone. He checks his email as often as he can.



Tell us about your work! :slight_smile:

Hello @Community_Service_of_Nepal,

We are glad to have you here. We want you share your experience with us. We’d like to know which places you have been to for the relief work and what your experience has been like. We are also wondering what challenges you’re facing currently while working the ground level. All in all, we want to hear your story! :slight_smile: