Weekly Update: Please update this list of content to promote for the coming week


  1. Instead of updating recurring and planned one of the events in two places, could we keep it updated here: Community Calls Overview all over Edgeryders . Would remove the first two points from the template you provided here.
  2. I find that editing wikis with a lot of information here for a longer time, meaning not just as a one of to get note together after a call costs a lot more time than doing it in another format or as an answer because of the way discourse is formated. A shortlist like for the call overview works, but one with so many points might cost a lot of extra time navigating every time. Maybe we can post the updates as answers always using the template?
  3. General Discourse question: Is it possible to change the order of reply posts, so that the latest one would be on the top? maybe interesting for calendar threads?
  1. Sure, but add link to to it in :point_up_2:wiki every week to ensure it does not fall between the cracks.
  2. Sure, if you can make the template & form for doing so. But you would need to check with e.G Owen for how to display the results of such forms so that they are not messy/collected in one place.
  3. This is a question for the General Software Workspace. Maybe post there and repost answer here as a comment?
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note: producing such a form template and the place where it is collected would have to be fast as the comms team comes onboard soon and needs to hit the ground running.

Fyi started to add things for this week <3

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Quick question - what’s the situation with the War Stories call in light of the Zoom situation? Shall I hold off promoting it on social for now until we’ve got an alternative registration link etc set up?

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so I added post for pushing and link to the current summary above, however, I find it very hard to navigate, so here again as a comment (its also in the main post above)

  1. Here the draft post for the ViConnect drawing Webinar by Federico:
    ViConnect Play&Culture Prototype Webinar Event

  2. Here the draft invitation post for the Webinar by Erik about building your own cloud:
    Own Your Cloud - webinar/nextcould setup workshop 8th of May

  3. This reflection by amelia on SSNA as a different kind of contract tracing is also relevant to push now:
    Reflections on SSNA and COVID-19: A Better Kind of Contact Tracing

  4. The opensource coffee sorter project is a view champion and a great example of how this community works: Open source coffee sorter project

and here the link to the current pinned summary:

Hi, thanks for checking. Yes please, we won’t be doing any more of those until at least mid May.
We have also cancelled the event in our zoom calendar, and have notified participants.

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Updated from the IOH side. Regarding the Nesta webinar with delab: They said they will provide the description on monday, the event will be on the 20th, so it would be necessary to add that on the list on Monday and push it out then. (made a note abouve)

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Is there are a registration link for this yet? I don’t have access to the DeLabs thread.

this is an activity that @alberto is driving. Maybe he knows something?

they just wrote they are going to post the invitation on wednesday

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Updated. still waitig for nesto to put their invite to their webinar. Hope it can be added tomorrow morning

finished their post with apbertos text now and add it to the list on the top.

webinar date 20th of may!

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Adding #ngi4eu and #POPREBEL tags to posts for featuring in the weekly list

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Thanks all. Between now and the 2nd of June there’ll be a heavy emphasis on pushing sign-ups for the two 3rd of June events (DeLabs webinar and food projects) across social; then after that I’ll be pushing the higher education session on June 22nd and general promotion for the main summit and other pre-summit events.

In terms of outreach i’m setting up social listening channels in hootsuite to monitor certain locations, keywords or phrases to help us build up our lists of potential partners or speakers. Let me know if there are any particular topics or keywords you think would be good to track.

I think we need keywords in French and Dutch. Maybe @noemi @yannick @kajafarszky have ideas?

Sounds good @stefanoboski!

I can perhaps suggest some in French:

#alimentationdurable #mouvement #cooperatif #eatlocal
#Brussels #logistique
#goodfood #Brussels #reseau #restos

  • Brussels Hub, Good Food, RABAD networks

also #horeca maybe

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Thank you! I will set up some feeds to monitor these.

I don’t have any better ideas in French.