Workshop on Inequalities in the age of AI, what they are, how they work and what we can do about them - 19/11 - Brussels


She’s interested as well ->

Ciao Nadia,

First of all sorry for the delay, been difficult days lately for me regarding my availability outside basic work duty.

It is indeed time to launch the communication:

Ideally I would need to create an event on that would obviously point towards here to allow people to register the way you want them to be registered etc…

wanted :
Banner image + description + Title of the event + date/hour (program format more or less)

Regarding a pre-meetup on the 10th : do you want to reschedule this ? Our place is pretty much open for this but You need to pick a date because we have a bunch of events/hackathons this week & the next one that will take most of our time.

Maybe the best would be to provide an invitation/concept about the event and we could invite all our contacts so that would avoid you to make a physical meetup just to share the format/methodology of the event ?

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ok @anon82932460 can I ask you to coordinate with @MariaEuler to get appropriate communication materials to @rmdes for digityser’s events website, as well as for posting on/via Digityser’s social media/communication channels?


New person who’s interested ->

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cannot contact people with whom I am not already connected @anon82932460 :slight_smile: ask them to write to ?


I need images of the main featured speakers that we have the right to use :slight_smile:

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Meanwhile I’m going to create an event on our side with the info I gather from here.
Registration link will be the festival registration page, is that ok ?

Edit :

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oh yeah, @rmdes - @J_Noga wants to do a podcast interview at Digityser 2hrs before the event starts (is there some quiet room somewhere we could do it in?)


Definitely possible, yes we’ll find the best place in the building for this to happen !

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That’s great, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

I would like to join the workshop, but I’m not sure I qualify. My work only touches sideways on the world of AI. I currently help the Flemish Public Employment Service set up an open innovation program. There’s lots of talk about AI in the air (the PES also has it own AI lab). There are big promises for AI to reduce inequalities on the job market by objective matching and data analysis. I’m often one of the more critical voices in the room, asking for caution and reflection. I want to join this workshop to learn, I don’t think I’ll have much to teach… Which I guess is one of the prerequisites for claiming a ticket?
Some feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:


@nadia I am an AI professional and I would love to contribute to this as speaker. Is there still a place available for me? :slight_smile:

I have been in touch with Fil via LinkedIn. @anon82932460

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Ciao and welcome - yes of course you can join us!

The best way to get started is to read the personal introductions of other participants and leave thoughtful comments to help us move the thinking forward. You will find them here:

Then it would make sense for you to share a similar prost sharing your own experiences and reflections, including what you would like to explore with other participants in the workshop.

If you would like to schedule an interview with another participant, I would suggest picking a few time slots that would best for you here:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions etc

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Hey Kira, definitely yes. I think a good starting point is to read the posts by other participants, and leave thoughtful comments with your own reflections or questions around the topics. Then if and when you feel comfortable - posting a personal introduction with some thoughts around what you would like to dig deeper into based on what you have read so far. Both what others have posted, and where you can create your own introduction are found here:

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@irmawilson and @zmorda hi! You wouldn’t happen to know any of the people driving this in your respective networks?

I am part of the Instadeep team as a Project Manager for the data science department in Tunis office :slight_smile: @nadia
@Meds.jedidi1 has attended Indaba 2018 and 2019 and has been involved in the organization of Indabax X Tunisia 2019. Maybe he knows more people

Hi Nadia, thanks for your reply! I saw Jean today, and she talks wonderful about you. I would love to meet you :slight_smile:

I will post about my self on the link you shared.
I tried to book a one-on-one call but there are no slots available now.

Warm regards,

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Hi @nadia,

I have added part of my story here: How to balance the needs of the individual and the collective? Collective Intelligence and more....

And for this specific workshop, I could give a talk about AI as a person from the field. I studied at the Swiss AI institute, IDSIA, and I can tell a personal story about Google DeepMind, the AI company of Google. This was a startup of very good friends of mine from IDSIA. And this can serve as a way to create some ‘panel’ talks/discussions.

Warm regards,