[Bordeaux team meeting] Reporting on new developments

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Consortium meeting in Bordeaux by @LuceChiodelliUB

Working out loud | OpenVillage organising by @Noemi

MoN 6 - Masters of Networks by @melancon


working out loud | wemake by @costantino

Listing the topics discussed. Notes below… feel free to add!

From Edgeryders 

  • OpenVillage Festival (October) - details here.
  • The Reef as opencare spinoff (ongoing) - details here.
  • New platform launch (July).


“Policy Challenge”

Matteo: Stories incoming based on the challenge: https://edgeryders.eu/policies-of-care

Erik: we were asked generalize on the scalability of the initiatives; created a wiki for all the cases so people can comment, add to the other’s cases, correct them etc. We can track who is commenting;

We have been invited to write a book chapter on Digitalization, Collective Intelligence, Social services – for end of Sept

  • To do: send over or post a list of the cases used in the research
  • Integrate with opencare final events

Stories from lab workshops integrated online

Federico has documented the process at WeMake extensively. Comparing online ethnographic/network collaboration cases (OpenInsulin) with offline activities (MIR) using a design framework

The structure provided by Ezio should inform that research. Publication may not necessarily be academic.

Makers In Residence

-3 teams with projects in different stages of development

-3 residents from abroad living at WeMake, 2 from Canada and 1 from Switzerland : BreathingGames;

-4 designers working on an early stage project called Rescue – from a documentation app to let doctors share information about the patients; we asked why don’t you move your focus on refugees

-2 graphic designers, one suffering from allergies; AllergoKit

Costantino: Looking at prototypes from inside helps us understand projects beyond the content published online. Can we capture all projects? Is the way in which the platform is animated and content coded skewed?

Alberto: Data science problematic: some interaction around key topics and codes looks very structured due to compelling reporting, while other interaction is messier, with more content

Adding content to the Playbook

  • the Playbook is more than a project deliverable – can we turn it into an objective for the whole OpenCare project – as a repository of procedural knowledge + an editorialized explanation

  • a resource, with an added content and new formats to present findings?

  • “Do you need to create an online community?”

  • as an artifact of the opencare final events – can we harvest community experiences into the playbook – in a section that covers how to’s from community projects?


-3 community members have been recruited from March to June to support communication and engagement around openvillage

-managed collaboratively by Edgeryders and Scimpulse