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A big part of the reason the Edgeryders community manages to get such ambitious initiatives off the ground with few resources is because we collaborate well online through the platform. This works because it enables people who want to get involved, but cannot take on big responsibilities or have only very little time to contribute, to be involved alongside others who put in much more time and effort. Every little drop of love is never wasted! Also by working out a loud, keeping the entire process open and documented this way, everyone learns how these initiaitves are built and more people feel confident to act on realising more projects. 

This week our priority is to invite people to participate in the workshops in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia

Last week we completed the Spot The Future website and Spot The Future discussion groups. UPDATE: new landing page ( “Spot The Future” in the main menu).

This week blast it out to our personal and professional networks in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia to surface and connect with people behind intiatives that show new ways to tackle challenges facing our societies.

We are looking for more stories like the one shared by Hazem on how people built four new exists from a main road in Egypt or are homeschooling their children…or how they are teaching women technical skills for making use of Open Data for good in Georgia.

And we want to get to know one another and our peers all over the world through personal stories like the ones shared by Vahagn, Noemi and Daniel.

If you want to know how you can contribute to #futurespotting where you are, I have put together a guide for you here:

If you have any questions about the project or about Edgeryders and how you can use the platform effectively, do come to the next community call next Thursday at 5pm cet / 8pm Georgia, Armenia time.

Community calls

Thanks Nadia, useful overview as always.

A couple of thoughts on the community calls: since we’re each spread thin and reaching out to various kinds of people I suggest whoever in the team (@DoroteaNadia, Noemi, @Vahagn, @Inge) wants to run with a call can do so and drive signups for the specific call, at least a business day in advance.

  • We have a google hangout permanent space set up thanks to Dorotea:
  • We have Events here on Edgeryders where we can list the event, link to where it's happening etc. 

    I am taking responsibility for the call to onboard new Edgeryders this Thursday at 5 pm cet.

    Vahagn and Inge, perhaps we can throw an imprompu one later today or tomorrow afternoon and invite the people registered on facebook events? If yes, it’ll be great if you took initiative using the tools you know your people are familiar with (you mentioned hangouts not so much, so maybe leave your skype ID on the page and invite people to join us?)


Same thing as below, documentation once…

in the three languages means you can just refer people to that text everytime new people pop up. Also maybe even record the google hangout as a video and put on Edgeryders youtube/vimeo channel?

hey :slight_smile: just stirke through info in post above and add updated

information or instructuctions?

all good ideas

yes, all good ideas

skype group calls are good alternative,

we could have up to 25 people on the call at the same time

maybe there would be many people from the workshops that want to join so it would work best

and most people are familiar with skype

to make it easy, we could set up a group conversation on skype

so that everyone could catch up there

recently I’m practicing this solution and it works well

that’s why I recommend it :slight_smile:

my skype is Dorofia

if you want to know more how to do it,

or you are not familiar with it, you can ping me on skype

I think it would be good to set up a general skype group for calls and conversations

so that we could always know where to find each other on skype :slight_smile:

Please pay attention to documentation?

In order for everyone to be up to date with what’s going on I would recommend whoever is hosting the call to make sure someone is documenting what is said, and posts a synthesis of what has been discussed and agreed on the platform right after ther call. Also pinging everyone who was in the call the link to it. This ensures coordination stays distributed and does not add to any one person’s workload too much.

hi all, the making a living group seems to be down at the moment.  How can I help get it up and runing once again?

Are you sure?

It works fine for me, @Lurglomond

Ok, must be my browser.

Ok, must be my browser - “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

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It should work for you now, I have deleted the circular redirection. Some browsers are more picky than others about the redirection count – for Alberto it works, since the browser kept trying until the website itself noticed the redirection and broke the loop. That said, I’d wish there was a general fix for this in Drupal :frowning: (This problem happens always when renaming something, then renaming it back to the old name and forgetting to delete the new redirect …)

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Thanks Matthias!

Skype and all

Hi, if you add me on skype, use the user name that says “daniel vaarik @ skype”.


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