Do you know of a cool venue we should do the Tbilisi event in? Ships, squats...anything goes as long as there is wifi! Come help?

The Spot the Future Event from the 24th till the 26th of June needs a great venue for the workshop. Who is willing to take up this task?


  • Room for 40 participants
  • Connectivity (wifi)
  • camera & audio recording equipment for filming talks
  • laptops
  • projector
  • screen or white wall
  • speaker
  • printed session cards and black sharpies
  • tables
  • chairs & cushions for sitting on floor.

Meetups & Coworking

Possibly something useful


Thanks Elf!!

The list should definitely help! @Inge and @Khatuna do you think we can make a final decision by Wednesday’s meeting?

Geoair, CCA

I recommend to contact the Geoair team  - also in charge of Vacant Europe, Tbilisi

Or the CCA, Center for Contemporay Art. I think the CCA should have  space for 40+ people, and most things listed above (except for session cards)

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Those are some great ideas @Uli! Especially CCA! (Geoair has never replied to an email I sent them, so I am not sure how easy they are to reach). During the bi-weekly meeting we had yesterday we also came up with: ExpoGeorgia, The University of Georgia, Free University, Europe House and Caucasian house.

Updates from Khatuna

So apparently on the 25th and 26th we will be at the International School of Economics - 2 rooms and a courtyard that we can move around freely.

And for the 24th we need half a day 15:00-19:00 and are waiting for @Inge and @Khatuna to agree. The Cultural Center seems to be a favourite…