Community Calls - Let's talk (almost) face to face



Dear community members,

you are having amazing and insightful conversations here exchanging long essays as well as short comments.

However, sometimes you just need to talk to your discussion partners directly, hear their voice and intonation and re akt in real time to each other to get to the next step.

Since we are a very international community it can be challenging to meet up for a coffee in real life.

However, we can do the next best thing and organise topical community calls in which you can start to get to know and reakt to each other and your ideas more direct.

I would encourage you to use this thread to suggest the topics and people with whom you would like to have a community call as well as the times that would usually work for you.

Even better: If you would be up to take the topical lead on a community call. We from edgeryders can help to take care of the organising and sharing.

So, what would you like to talk about (almost) face to face?

New Internet tech, equality and justice: a possible event in the fall?
What Is to Be Done About the Ad-Based Internet economy?

The calls can also be useful tools to plan real live events. Therefore we will have one to plan the:

New Internet tech, equality and justice Event

this event will take place in fall and is currently planed for in this thread:

To get some decisions and discussions done faster let’s have a community call about it next month. More information and invitations to those already engaged in the discussion will follow soon