Community friendly + edtech startup + you?

Hi everyone!
I’m co-founder of an edtech startup and we’re looking for a senior developer to take on a leadership role in our company. From what I’ve seen, this community has some awesome people, and since we’re looking for someone awesome, I’d thought I’d write here. :slight_smile:

If you wanna skip the yada yada, here’s the link to the ad.

We started off in 2015 with the challenge of making a game app that could teach a child reading, writing and math without any external help. It was part of this XPRIZE competition and targeted East Africa.
While researching such initiatives, we found that there exists great apps already, but that very few target developing countries. Though smartphones are increasingly common in Africa, there are many hinders for families to start using existing games due to some main factors:

  • the apps are large and require online connection
  • complicated sign up/in processes → high threshold to start learning.
  • no local adaption of the content

Our solution is a platform and aggregator for learning games, where we team up with content partners such as Cognition Matters and adapt their games to fit our target audience.
Since we strongly believe in communities and co-creation we’ve made the platform open source and our vision is to build a flourishing community that translates and adapts the app to more languages and cultures. Most edtech companies target schools, but since the school system is a centralized system for learning it also easily becomes a bottle neck and resources don’t reach students as fast as they could do. Therefore we target parents directly and see ourselves as a complement to school.

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you or if you know someone suitable!
With love,


Tweeted it! Maybe something for @daniel?

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Thanks a lot @alberto!

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I shared on Linkedin (where my network are) and added #jobfairy too :wink:

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@meenabhatta maybe some of the people in Nepal might be interested?

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:heart_eyes: Amazing, thanks!


I might be a bit blind, but the home page does not link to the source code, does it? Also, the developers do not advocate their e.g. github-profile on the landing page.
And, bonus: you can extend the copyright in the footer. If it weren’t nodejs and if I weren’t analog when it comes to education I would call you guys :slight_smile:

Ah, while writing: I found the link to the source code in the covid-CTA.

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