Conversation Overview 17th of June 2020: It’s a whole new world - but we still have to continue conversations on old structures.

Dear community,

This week we have mostly continued the conversations that were ongoing last week which has been concerned with structures on many different levels and stages. Some of which we ask you to develop with us, some of which we question critically and some of which we discuss how to break and decentralise. Therefore I will repost a few of those.

However, we are also looking forward and we have been busy preparing some future events for the summit.

There is a whole new category preparing the summit on resilient solutions for Co-Working and Distributed Collaboration:

What does the future of distributed work and businesses look like? …And what does it have to do with Aladin, the Lion King and Kungfu Panda?

On the 21st of July we will have a CO-working Summit!

All of our knowledge in remote work and co-working gets combined with more than 15 experts who are developing coworking spaces throughout the world for years!

Last week we started recording the first few interviews with them and you can look forward to some very interesting threads coming from that soon.

Until then…

The next Presummit event is next week the 22nd of June! “Session on endangered researchers and precarity in higher education”

We want to invite you to the next presummit listening session: On the 22nd of June, we will bring together knowledge workers and policymakers in higher education, also allying with unions and rights defenders, with their histories of mobility, migration and refuge. How can we make a living after years of studying?

These structure conversations from the previous week were continued throughout this week:

A structure to definitely break:

To start, due to current yet systemically ingrained and therefore well too long ongoing events, we would like to ask you to check out this post by our own @amelia about how to support the movements against police brutality and systemic racism.

A proposed structure that needs critical feedback:

How does “The Future of Internet Governance” look like? On of our community members has attended the United Nations’ Secretary-General High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation and provides us not only with a summary and schematic but also with critical questions:

An animation that lets you see the IOH community structure grow over time:

Last week we presented you the first animation of Edgeryders overall network development. This week we are excited about the first detailed animation of the growth of the IOH/NGI Community. Which pattern chan you see?

Job opportunity:

We would like to bring another job opportunity to your attention that comes through the community. Do you want to work with a community-friendly edtech startup?

Thank you to exploring new and old worlds with us.


ping @marina, @Heshanij,@Markus_D and @lroddy

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