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Nepal is sharing stories, Bucharest is filming away, and Cairo is getting ready for a visit!

Spot the Future Bucharest and Future Makers Nepal have really taken off. While at the same time the Global Future Makers project is starting its engines: the first country visit will take place June 2-4 in Cairo! And preparations have started for #LOTE5, if you’d like to join contact or leave a comment.

Bucharest gaining momentum

Spot the Future Bucharest had a meet-up last week, their first! People who had already joined the discussion online were able to see who the faces were behind the avatars. The main questions which came out of it were: What is it that you would like to see the workshop achieving? An open invitation to co-design it, as well as all work in progress is under way: “Bootstrapping is how most of us operate and expertise varies across projects (community management, DIY solutions, graphic design, entrepreneurship, urban development, permaculture etc.). That’s why a workshop that explicitly focuses on resource mapping, pooling and match-making could be the action based format we’re looking for.” Edgeryders from all over are invited. You can register early if you want to join them in Bucharest by leaving a comment here.


For this artist, “public installations” took on a different meaning: Milan installed >100 toilets right after the earthquake with his team here in Nepal. My colleague Dipti talked with him, and here’s his story. A highly recommended reading (plus discussion space) for anyone who likes radical DIY:

Read all about Pukar’s experience in engaging youth, but not losing focus on how to integrate relief and politics at the same time. The discussion following his story reveal both on the ground insights and theoretical questions which need to be answered to move forward constructively.

Immediate Earthquake Relief for Rural Nepal is another initiative which came of the ground right after the earthquake. A group of people came together and have, so far, distributed tents and food supplies to 44 villages. Their method of working is ‘action-oriented’ and not ‘result-oriented’, merely because the first thing which needs to be done is helping people immediately.

There are other interesting stories collected so far as well. You can join the discussion here.

Cairo & other Future Makers

Cairo is getting ready for the country visit! Alberto and Nadia will set foot in the city of 1000 Minarets to visit interesting places and meet with the local branch of the UNDP. In this informal gathering Edgeryders participants will discuss sustainable models of networked collaboration as part of the Future Makers Global Project. With a agenda that is ever-evolving, Cairo is set to be an unforgettable one. Join @Nadia @Alberto @Hazem @amiridina @monarezk @Hegazy @gazbee_sorour and many others at the event on Thursday June4:

Creating new common land and a commons around agroecological production in the UK

A new project is starting in the UK to create common land for responsible agricultural and forestry production, with a focus on skill sharing and collaborative working. Got any thoughts or advice? Want to collaborate on project development? Can you think of a good name and/or produce a logo?

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