(draft): Edgeryders Festival I A global date for a local event, November 19-23 in a city near you

(Draft text)


19-23 November, 2019

In a nutshell:

The edgeryders festival is a program of activities that take place in multiple cities. Tickets are not free of charge, but they cannot be bought for money. You can only get a ticket by working with the other participants to make it a great experience for everyone involved.

The festival consists of conferences, workshops, exhibitions in a program co-curated with participants around a number of overarching themes. Themes are proposed by the festival management crew and participants are invited to refine/improve them in an open process.

As a community of over 5000 members in 80 coutries It is important to us that the festival is inclusive, accessible and useful to every single participant - no matter where they are located. We offer support for anyone who wishes to set up local events in their city as part of the festival program.*

Our objectives:

  • add #1
  • add #2
  • add #3

* You should set up a local festival event If: you want to make your local community discover, share and build creative solutions to local issues inspired by what has worked for other participants in other places - do consider setting up a local event as part of the festival program. Here is how:


The Edgeryders festival is a cocreated event. It is built by participipants who work together in different crews. Each crew is responsible for one main task needed to make the event from program curation to cooking and cleaning. Project management and coordination support is provided by one dedicated crew as a service to all the other crews. We set up the working and event schedule so that everyone can participate in the activities they want to before, during and after the festival, no matter which crew they join.

All program content is contributed by participants. The program is curated around a number of themes, each approaching from a different angle the question of how we build good lives for ourselves and others today and in the near future.

Invitation text: (to be crafted by the team, this is just to get us going)

What would you like to build, explore or learn during the Festival?

Welcome to your Europe.

It’s a work in progress, the story is a tapestry woven by all of us, the invisible threads that weave our lives together. Our hopes and dreams, our fears and struggles.

add paragraph highlighting promising developments in different parts of the continent
- Romania- dealing with corruption. Czechia- economic development. Poland - add something positive here. Serbia - add something positive here. Germany - something here to. Italy- add something here. France - add something. Sweden - add something. Belgium - add something.

add paragraph introducing the major challenges (our track themes)
Psychological and moral wellbeing. Work and prosperity. Health and social care services. Climate and environment. Internet Technology.

At the Edgeryders festival you get to see what is happening, and how your own story is part of it.

You will meet people from all over Europe to share our experiences from trying to build good lives for ourselves and people we love. Everyone comes together to exchange experiences, and use the learnings to help us make better decisions. In our professional and personal lives.

The Edgeryders festival a no-spectators event

All content is contributed by participants. The program is curated around a number of themes, each approaching from a different angle the question of how we build good lives for ourselves and others today and in the near future.

The festival is built by participipants who work together in different crews. Each crew is responsible for one main task needed to make the event. We set up the schedule so that everyone can participate in the activities they want to during the festival, no matter which crew they join.

Each crew coordinates its work through video chats that happen once a week. You do not have to be experienced to join a crew. It is enough to be interested and willing to put in a bit of work. The crews are :

  • Welcome team
  • Program Curation
  • Exhibition production
  • Party organisation
  • Design
  • Photos and videos
  • Tech
  • Logistics
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Cooking
  • Local connectors


To get a ticket:

It is easy.

You let (add handles for the community managers) know a little bit about yourself so that our welcome team can connect you to the right crew.

Do not worry about “getting it right” or if you feel unsure about how you can contribute - - we fill find something that is meaningful and fun for you to do!

If it is interesting and important to you, chances are it will be to someone else.


Postivie Outcomes for participants as a result of having joined our previous events:

  • Quote/ Video
  • Quote/ Video
  • Quote/ Video

After years of experimentation we have a solid framework for Edgeryders events that are designed to accommodate a diversity of participants, themes and objectives.

This edition would be adding some elements from OSCEdays another format developed by @sammuirhead & crew which in turn itself drew elements from Edgeryders event formats )

What people said about the most recent event: we have coordinated that follows Edgeryders methodology (You can download the full festival report here) :



We get support in the form money and in kind support from our official partners, as well as a number of project grants from the European Commission.

One grant is for a research project that aims to understand why we are seeing so many destructive political responses to societal challenges in Europe. And what the collective intelligence of the citizens tells us about how to best resolve the issues that cause them. Another is a grant tied to a program that explores how Europe can use, build and sustain the next generation of internet technologies so that they contribute to improving, rather than undermining, the wellbeing of citizens on the continent.

The information collected from the discussions on the platform and the documentation from the event are processed using open source technologies, turned into visualisations that presented to the community for collective analysis and interpretation, then included in reports that are delivered to the funders. Everything is published and freely available here on the platform.

Below are links with more detailed information about the projects, the methodology and tools that we use to visualise what is coming out of the conversation as well as how we handle your data:


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Here is the first proposal, coming from one of my connectors - this has to do with the very prominent inability of Polish people across the divide to meet and talk. I think it’s very relevant and if done right, can have a great impact.


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do we already know where (cities) it’s taking place?

Brussels is definite, and is being run by myself and probably Letizia.
@natalia_skoczylas will know which cities in Czech republic, Serbia and Poland.
Then we have cities tied to IOH, the most probable of which is Berlin - it depends on which people come on board.

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We will know the cities when we have the connectors so it makes sense for them to organise these events where they know people. Stay tuned!

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For Poland it will most likely be Warsaw

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Heads up: Econ-SF is happening in the same period. It would make sense to bring it into the fold, but we are not ready with the formalities. Keeping options open.


Yes please. Is it happening in Brussels or somewhere else? yayy


@ilaria possible to set econ scifi event within dates of festival?

Hi! Well, there is no down side to have the Econ SF event within the dates of the festival. The only problem is that we have only a provisional date (28th November) and the project has not been approved yet. Plus, at the end we will fix the date depending on Doctorow’s availability.

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understood. if you can, great, if not - no big deal


I love engage for the Edgeryders festival to take shape in Berlin


Hi @Jaaacob , that sounds great! Can you tell us a little bit more about how you’d want to help?

We’re meeting next Tuesday at 6PM Berlin time on a community call (zoom) about joining forces together to organize a few technology for good tracks: https://edgeryders.eu/t/edgeryders-festival-november-19-29-invitation-to-participate-in-co-designing-the-next-gen-internet-track-of-the-program/10450.

Others on this call will be @MariaEuler, @johncoate, @hugi, me and probably a bunch of others as well. You’ll be able to find the zoom link here: https://edgeryders.eu/c/ioh. Looking forward seeing you on Tuesday!

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@Jaaacob, that is amazing! We are discussing more details tomorrow on Tuesday the 20th of August 18:00 in this community call as inge said:

There are already a few community members from Berlin showing interests, so something will happen for sure :).

Let’s shape it together!


Maybe we can try to start a list to which city locations can be added:



As a general question:

Should we try to have an event in the UK for the festival as a signal after Brexit or is that irrelevant? If yes, who in the community is based there?

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