Environmental Tech Incubator in Barcelona Looking for Forest Protection / Regeneration Projects

I am writing to you from COACT: the Centre for Open & Appropriate Critical Technology. www.coactlab.org

We wanted to inform the Edgeryder community regarding an upcoming forest-related incubation program to find solutions to protect and regenerate our forests.

COACT works with early-stage, environmentally focussed technology projects & companies to grow their potential into actual impact. Unlike typical incubators, our objective is to maximise this positive impact rather than profit. We are young, idealistic, and deeply driven towards these ends.

Please find details about the upcoming program below:

We would be extremely grateful if you can share with your networks to help us find potential participants to join us.

Forest Protections & Regeneration Incubation

In December, we are launching our second phase, in which we will incubate two companies or projects working towards Forest Protection & Regeneration. Both projects will come to live and work from the Valldaura campus 20 minutes outside of Barcelona in Spain from December to mid February 2020.

Here they will have access to the Green Fab Lab (digital fabrication and prototyping facilities), a traditional wood shop (carpentry machines and tools), a micro permaculture farm, and 130 hectares of surrounding forest. Also included are food, accomodation and more general workspace.

We are currently in talks with a project named Dronecoria, who have designed a system of open source flying drones to distribute seeds and replant forests from the air. We are currently on the lookout for other projects aligned with the objectives of Forest Protection & Regeneration.

We thought that many members of this community may be well placed to know of early stage technology projects or companies in this area. If this is the case, we would be delighted to hear from you indicating the projects and people behind them.

A few things to be aware of in their criteria:

  • They should be early stage and able to benefit from the facilities & services we provide.
  • They should be ideally european based, though we would likely make exceptions for an amazing project further afield.
  • They should be willing and able to commit to the incubator for the duration, with a 2 week break over Christmas and New Years.
  • They should be open to being filmed and document their work (our program is probably not appropriate for closed, traditionally corporate-style companies or projects).
  • The attendees will need to be capped at 2 people per team

@BlackForestBoi, do you think that maybe a team of your hackathon participants could be interested in this?

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Not sure yet, we haven’t pushed out the news et, or have received project proposals yet. Although I know of 2 teams that want to apply.

Question would be if a team of @William_COACT would be interested to join the hackathon?

@BlackForestBoi and @William_COACT, sounds like it would be great if you two would talk. The community call tomorrow evening 18:00 might be a good oportunity to start doing so: