Content Curation Call (5 November) at 16.00 CET on ZOOM

During this call we’ll discuss comms moving forward from hereon. The most sensitive, high intensity and fast changing phase of getting our projects up and running is finally over. Rather it is time to just keep going with the flow of getting the word out about existing and future activities in November.

Our focus this month is to get people to see and sign up to our activities. This, as we have discovered works best when we ping individuals one by one. And to get them to sign up in ways that allow us to get in touch with them outside the sinkhole that is Facebook. Then follow up and help onboard them onto the platform one by one.

  1. Find people using keyword searches on social media,
  2. Send a personalised message to person on the search result one by one to point them to the activity,
  3. If they respond positively, e.g retweeting, get back in touch to see if they want to sign up to a mailing list through a form.

This is the list @nadia has compiled (there are some activities that will be added this week - such as five hackathons that will be taking place in Cairo, Medenine, Tunis, Somewhere in Morocco and maybe Jordan and Lebanon):

Also this month: Many of us are making sense of how we can secure agency over the introduction, use and development of digital infrastructure and technologies that affect our lives:

If you have anything to add, let me know. Looking forward seeing you all!

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These weekly calls are where the Edgeryders communication crew coordinates the work of supporting project teams, community managers, fellows and community members to get the word out and engage people in the exciting work everyone is doing.

They happen Tuesdays at 16.00 CET on ZOOM here:


Hey @inge could you post the list of interviews and the status (ready, draft, transcript) of each here?

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  • Seda
  • Fabrizio

I'm also finishing up blog on Samim's life-centered design talk.

As you can see, I still have slots for 4 more interviews (3 if we count Alberto C.'s article as interview for festival).


hi @rmdes - I wanted to ask you ahead of this call tomorrow ^^ what if any materials (and how many of them) you would need from us to be able to effectively promote the AI & Justice event to the Digityser network?

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@Inge: @jasen_lakic’s latest participant in the Serbian workshops is from Eko Becej, it’s an organisation promoting use of recyclable/reusable materials to create new products.
Its in line with creativity/entrepreneurship and on top of that it’s ecological too.

Is there still room for an interview ?

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@ilaria is anyone on top of reaching out to people who have signed up to the facebook event for ScifiEconLab, with a personalised message one-by-one? there are 45 people who have marked themselves down as going and 115 as interested: Sci-Fi Economics Lab

Suggested Approach: You first ask them if they are considering going, then a follow up message letting them know that the event is live-streamed and that they need to sign up on the eventbrite page. This is the message I have used in French (its better to assume they are francophone but maybe ask if they prefer english)

J’ai vu que vous pourriez être intéressé à vous joindre à nous pour le Science Fiction Economics Lab ?
Si oui, il y a trois choses qu’il est bon de savoir

  1. Nous retransmettrons l’événement en direct sur Internet, afin que vous puissiez participer de chez vous si vous ne pouvez pas vous rendre à l’événement physique.

  2. Voici un résumé en français de ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre lors de l’événement

  3. Si vous souhaitez participer en personne ou en ligne, il est important de réserver votre place ici le plus tôt possible:

Nous nous réjouissons de vous rencontrer à Bruxelles ou en ligne le 11 novembre prochain.


Ricardo’s response:
some content about the workshop

  • what is Edgeryders
  • call to action to join the event,
    so we could use that to target attendees previous AI events via email,
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Yes, there is. You can email him and me - this is the schedule I have in terms of times for interviews: Doodle - Dashboard

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During our content curation call we discussed our outreach strategies for the event. Here are the key takeaways:

Work with a copywriter in your language:

  • Host the event on Facebook, or other mediums to promote
  • Have a copywriter produce really good quality specific material


  • We need short, engaging versions, about 150 words. You can additionally make a longer one if you want to send it to the press
  • We also need to have a short number of status updates that are good calls to action. And calls to action are not just like, oh, come here and do that. They have to convey something about the content of the event in a way that’s exciting
  • The third thing we need to do is to have excerpts we need to have a summary of the interesting conversations that have been happening on the platform already. There’s a backlog of super interesting content: it makes people interested in the event and excited to join it. Write one summary, presenting the ideas somehow in a compact way and with some good quotes.
  • This work needs to be done by copywriters that are specialized in doing copy for the web.

Two different strategies:

  • local event: to get people to actually show up, you interact with each person who said they’re interested or going, and let them know:
    • this is how I heard that you’re interested.
    • These are things you need to know.
    • And this is how you sign up.
  • More broad communication: all about the content. For example, climate kick is doing broad communication online focusing on streaming.

NGI Events: @MariaEuler will give @nadia link to airtable, so when we don’t hear back from sign-ups, Nadia can follow up.

Something we need help with: look through the list of events and see which conversations, which posts and which threads are the most relevant in terms of their current content to the audience. If it’s going to be interested in that workshop. @johncoate will work on this

John will work on this for NGI, the POPREBEL one needs to be @noemi - basically a selection from the content you already have aggregated on that spreadsheet (can you add the link to it here?)

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OK. A summary in English would be OK?

They need to be in the right language for each event. What is enough for you to do is aggregate the list of 3 best-of stories (urls to them), Three best-of-quotes (+ urls to them). The actual copywriting for each article is done by an external service provider, a different copywriter for each article because language…

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