Moving all interaction and coordination for outreach and engagement to our workspace here.

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The most sensitive, high intensity and fast changing phase of getting our projects up and running is finally over. Rather it is time to just keep going with the flow of getting the word out about existing and future activities in November.

I am directly responsible for 1) ensuring that the objectives and deliverables for which we have budgets as defined by the grantmakers and clients’ agreements are met 2) to keep the information and workload on my team reasonable, including for myself.

Moving forward I am asking everyone to post formal requests for outreach support in the Outreach and Dissemination workspace of the platform: Community Outreach & Coordination - Edgeryders

No more pinging Owen, Cindy, Inge or myself on different channels to request tasks, but rather posting them on the platform. Where I can asses, prioritise and structure them appropriately. For the whole team myself included

What we are doing this month

Our focus this month is to get people to see and sign up to our activities. This, as we have discovered works best when we ping individuals one by one. And to get them to sign up in ways that allow us to get in touch with them outside the sinkhole that is Facebook. Then follow up and help onboard them onto the platform one by one.

This means: sign up on forms set up by @owen such as the ones on Why? Because we need to guide them through the process including changing their email settings so that our notifications do not end up in spam.

The approach I will be taking for my AI & Justice Event is a three step process:

  1. Find people using keyword searches on social media,
  2. Each person on the search result one by one to point them to the activity,
  3. If they respond positively, e.g retweeting I get back in touch to see if they want to sign up to a mailing list through a form.

I recommend that the activity organisers (and people responsible for the local event signups) do the same for their activities and languages. This will enable us to more easily reach out to people next year, rather than start from scratch.

This is the list I have compiled (there are some activities that will be added this week - such as five hackathons that will be taking place in Cairo, Medenine, Tunis, Somewhere in Morocco and maybe Jordan and Lebanon):

Also this month: Many of us are making sense of how we can secure agency over the introduction, use and development of digital infrastructure and technologies that affect our lives:

Please confirm that you have seen this post, and feel free to ask questions in comments below.


Seen and acknowledge the post.

We are running 5 workshops in The Czech Rep, Poland and Serbia.

And 2 workshops for The Reef in Brussels.

All are also in the ER Facebook events page.

I am putting all the updates from the projects I am directly involved with in the bulk spreadsheet (mainly Poprebel and The Reef) .
If there is space for promotion using the official ER channels it would be great.

@nadia and all,

The Reef needs a bit of dedicated communication and use of central ER social media channels.
To not overload anyone, I am recruiting someone to work with us in the next 3 weeks - Raluca Laslo, former comms person for
I need to give her access to our social media accounts -fb, twitter, linkedin.
I will post her TORs tomorrow so there is no doubt that we are not going to flood the channels or intervene with existing work.

This is exceptional as I understand is not sustainable to have people coming in and out and have control over the channels. We are covering the work from The Reef budget in the absence of someone working across our projects (Filip being gone). Because The Reef has limited funding and timeline in 2019, I would like to learn a bit about how to reframe our message and create better storytelling, so I’m using the opportunity with a very limited contract.

A good way to ensure their relative autonomy while ensuring their work is aligned with/does not conflict with our ethos and approach to comms is to give them access to our accounts via hootsuite dashboard for social media management. This has the added benefit that we/ I can easily check posts before they go out and ensure that they are on point, and live well together with the communications campaigns for other projects. Works?

I had suggested that. She says hootsuite is the crappiest of social media in terms of analytics and the proper way to understand the integrated analytics is to look at the accounts themselves and how they perform.
But if you feel strongly about it i will insist and that’s how it’s going to be.
For facebook I suggest to give her editor permissions, so she can at least see some dashboards.

Regarding the Facebook event for the “anticipate” workshop in Saarbrücken. Sönke found someone to co-host one Facebook: “KAcht Presse” It’s the outreach group for K8. They and Agnès Lotton will use their contacts for further invitations and be available for questions. (@nadia ?)

added them on FB

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Added you on everything

she shouldn’t use hootsuite for analytics, just posting, if she wants analytics insights we can go in and give what she’s interested in

Other option is scheduling everything through tweetdeck - also possible for us to check before things go out, but then she would need full access to our account. but that’s just advice, of course @nadia decides

She has access to the hootsuite. She can ask for analytics and we will provide them as requested.

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