Good Technology

This cluster experiments what new technologies really should do for humanity and all it encompasses. Individuals and organisations in this cluster develop technologies guided by insights from open and inclusive dialogue on how technologies should work, be governed, financed and built.

  • Autarchy Lab. A place to develop and learn about autarky solutions: technologies, organization techniques and best practices that facilitate self-sufficiency in working and living.(More)
  • Technology for co-creation . Build experimental software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture, starting with Edgeryders Nordics team. Client: Swedish arts council fund - Kulturbryggan. (More )
  • SenseStack: Technologies for turning rich online conversations into collective wisdom and action. (More)
  • Participio is our Development lab to build Software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture.(More)
  • Virtual Coworking
  • Collective intelligence in events . Using documentation and ethnographic techniques to increase the impact of events. Clients: UNESCO, Digital Festival. (More)

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Careful with vocabulary. Better not invent new words out of the blue, because this will confuse the way we talk about ourselves. We have been using the language of “units”. SenseStack is unit grown legally autonomous. I am uneasy speaking about it, because of the unresolved situation discussed here.

there is a description: Thematic clusters

It will be up to the copywriter to put together something that works. My work is to aggregate and structure information so that they have something to work with.