Storytelling Workshop: Narratives of Care 2016

Storytelling Workshop for people working on initiatives related to care (health- and/or social care) in their community. As well as for those who are curious to learn more about them.

The purpose of this workshop is to help protagonists of grassroots and social innovation projects make it easier to engage support for their work through effective communication materials.

You will:

  • Meet others doing relevant work and learn from one another’s experiences

  • Learn about effective communication for engaging support in your projects

  • Create a professional quality communication kit for you/your project (press photos, a short video, as well as an engaging article)

  • Find it useful no matter if you are a beginner or have been doing this for years

When: 28/2/2016, 9:00-19:00

Location: SmartBe, rue Emile Féron 70 – 1060 Bruxelles

Price: Free of charge for LOTE5 ticket holders, lunch is included.

Registration: Please fill in this form


The Narratives of Care Storytelling workshop is part of the OpenCare initiative championed by Edgeryders Lbg, a not-for-profit company living in symbiosis with the Edgeryders community. It combines elements from the Writer’s workshop held in Kathmandu by @Matthias and @Natalia_Skoczylas, as well as workshops held in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia by @Noemi and myself last year.

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P.S if you are a writer, filmmaker, photographer, illustrator and might be interested in running this one day workshop with me, please let me know. We do have a small budget for this workshop, so we could pay a small fee for co-facilitators. Get in touch either via a comment below or an email to:

Date: 2016-02-28 08:00:00 - 2016-02-28 18:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.


@Nadia, let’s discuss it - we can do it together

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Let me know what time works for you?

how about tomorrow morning/noon?

Would have to be v. late or v. early

Am at an event in Vienna. Email?

The Pressure Cooker (a spin-off)

After a fairly large detour, I’ll be doing a “Pressure Cooker” workshop on Sunday afternoon. Originally it was part of this event (I think), but it’s now a semi-official spin-off. Smaller, shorter and a tiny bit wilder.

If you are interested, have a look at the event here.