Team Building meetings: debrief and preparing the next one

@reef-building : friday’s team building cancelled…
The idea is to send the request to fill in ‘Le program’ friday evening and set the deadline to 26/06 (so we have time to go through it and then send it to the architects beginning of july, with the progam of the commons). If you would have remarks on that, let me know…

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@els, thank you for updating this. Two small questions: The introductory text mentions the common spaces but the survey is only about the private apartments, right? And are we sure about the number of m² that we give for the different apartments? I feel they are very high and I don’t understand what happens between 69 and 94m² / 98 and 113m².


  • the survey asks a bit about the common spaces: number of bike spaces wanted… But i’ll reread it and adapt
  • for the m2, i checked with was in the excell file sarah made (and which is copied to the jet-14 file), so i guess it’s ok. @sarah?
  • What happens between 69 and 94 m2: 69m2 is a small 2- bedroom apartment, 94 =2 is a big 2-bedroom apartment, anything in between is between small and big. That’s my interpretation. I don’t know if this really matters, i think it’s only important if you would say: i want a 2 bedroom apartment of 60m2. These m2 were given by the architects, so going below that would cause a problem. Going above it, doens’t seem a problem to me…
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hi @Sophie_B
As i added the bike proposal to the agenda of this monday’s plenary, i accepted your modifications.
I think I followed most of your suggestions except for one:

  • the one where you say sth about moving the bike spaces outside, as part of the common spaces discussion => for me this is up to the architects to figure it out. We’ll give the number of bike spaces wanted, what we want as common spaces (in an order of priority) and the extra budget we might have for it, and they try to figure it out. That’s how i see it…
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Thanks for all of this Els!

I see I’m a few days behind on this, which is a sad cause that conversation is important.
My weeks are very busy at the moment, and I find it hard to keep up to date with everything on ER. When you would like my input, would you guys be ok to send me a little signal message, for now, if you see I’m not reacting? Would totally understand if it’s too much to ask so feel free to say no.
Also, I think it could help us (and would certainly help me sort out ER notifications), if we could make specific posts when we talk about a new subject. Otherwise personaly I find it a bit hard to follow and be reactive on urgent things, and also to retrieve information.
Would it be ok if I ask @ChrisM if he can split this thread from this post on I would say? Although it might be a bit messy with the bike conversation, but we’ll see how we can deal with that best.

On the bike spaces proposal: I think the architects said to add a bit extra on top of the ‘oreiller’ calculation. I don’t think they told us how much but in their original proposal it was +15 (?); maybe +10 would be acceptable?
I made a suggestion for edit in the document. What do you think?

On le programme 3

Actually that’s not clear for me! :sweat_smile: It was made by jolan, a former reefling, and I’ve never been sure what the difference is…

Some of these measurements are gross, is it maybe the reason that you found the numbers high @Sophie_B ? Or is it something else?
Also we never asked your question on the minimum size of a 3 bedroom apartments if it was only for 1 or 2 people, did we?

If I’m not mistaken (which I may cause I didn’t sleep much last night), the numbers are:

  • Standard size for a 2 bedroom apartment is 75-78m2 net for a 2 bedrooms appartment so 94 gross.
  • Bare minimum size is 67m2 net so 84 gross
    (I’m getting a bit dizzy with all the numbers right at this moment. Can you please check me out with the thread on calculations)

So we should put 84 and 94 as the numbers for a 2 bedroom (right?).

I haven’t had time to look at the actual Le programme survey yet, hopefully I’ll get some time in the afternoon…

Finally I would actually like it if we could rediscuss the process for Le Programme 3 a little, and more specifically on the price fork issue. I don’t feel fully comfortable with the process and the information the architects are giving us to make our decisions.
I should have reacted and asked for a team building mmeting on this, but didn’t think we were gonna move forward so fast and also took to realise I wasn’t ok with that. So, sorry about that.
Will contact Els on the phone, and make a clearer post if we agree to move ahead with this.

  • [quote=“Sarah, post:87, topic:19416”]
    On the bike spaces proposal:…
    I made a suggestion for edit in the document. What do you think?
    I accepted your changes. @Sophie_B : this was the major addition of sarah…
    The architects advised to add a little bit extra to that calculation; we will need to ask them for their exact recommandation but as a default we could go for a default of + 10 spaces, so a total of 73

I can try, but i don’t know if i will remember… Maybe we should talk about this in a next team building meeting?

ok for me


I did a copy of the survey and kept what was in there before. If i look at the post, there are the ‘architects recommendations’ and regional urbanistic recommendations (which are lower).
The ones in the survey are the architects recommendations (like in second round of ‘Le program’), so i guess these can be kept?

Could you send me a link to the new survey as an editor? it would make it easier to have a look and see what we are talking about…

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Joannes has joined team builiding. Welcome Joannes :slight_smile:
I’ve added the agenda for next Tuesday’s Team Building meeting.
Let me know if you want to add sth…


I am travelling next week and won’t make it to the meeting, sorry.

Joannes told me he cannot make it either.
@Sarah @Lee : can you make it?

Tuesday there is a Coordination Group meeting, so I can’t make it.

sorry, it’s on Monday, and Joannes can make it


Minutes of our meeting is in our usual document (internal link)

As I was doing the minutes, I was thinking that for the common spaces workshop, we could just use team building budget and add that expense to our Q3-Q4 plan. It should be ok to use a bit of our initial budget of 7000! :sweat_smile:
But maybe that needs to be checked with team finance whether we can reallocate our budget ?

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HI @reef-building
A little poll to find a date for a réunion de travail with the architects.
For the moment I’ve only included dates when I can be available; if we don’t find a suitable candidate, I’ll add some extra options.
A complication for filling this in is that we don’t have the date for the surveyor yet… So things might change once we get that.
But let’s give it a try!

  • Friday 28/6 afternoon
  • Friday 28/6 early evening (from 6pm onwards)
  • Monday 1/7 morning
  • Monday 1/7 afternoon
  • Friday 5/7 afternoon
  • Friday 5/7 early evening (from 6pm onwards)
  • Monday 8/7 morning
  • Monday 8/7 afternoon
  • Monday 8/7 early evening (from 6pm onwards)
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@reef-building : i’ve added Team Building meetings till the end of the year, two - weekly more or less…

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@reef-building : i have prepared the agenda for wednesday’s team building meeting…
Let me know if you have anything to add?
Can you let me know if will be joining, as we are a small group and it’s holiday season. I guess sophie won’t be joining as there is a team inclusion meeting starting half an hour later…
i have foreseen a file to indicate your holidays:Login – Nextcloud

Indeed, I can’t make it.

Hi @reef-building : notes from the meeting with the architects available here

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