Create press release for twitterstorm

I will write a 1 page press release about Living on the Edge \#5: Fail unFail.

Description: Ahead of Lote around January 21st we organize an alternative press conference on twitter - a way for everyone on board of the event to share thoughts and invite people from the Internet along. We all meet at the same time online and for one hour we post content about the event in sync and engage in conversations to surface new projects, new fails we can learn from. We did it before, we know it works, and it’s fun to run it together. We need a one pager release for the “press conference”, due January 11th.

  • Value of task: 1 \#lote5 ticket

How to complete this task?

Start by leaving a comment saying you are up for taking this on.

Decide where you are working on this task: it could be a google doc, a pad or anywhere you want as long as it’s an open document where others can join in to help. Write the press release based on content on Lote5 and make it an invitation to the twitter press conference for the media, policy-makers, organisations, state-level actors etc.

Come back here and leave a comment with a link to the draft form, so we know you completed the task and invite others to translate it.

This task belongs to the Communications and social media team, go there if you want to meet the rest of the team members.

Create press release

I am interested in becoming a team coordinator to create a press release. I work as a journalist. What have I to do next?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Start by asking questions that a press release should answer?

Hi Justine, welcome to Edgeryders. Thanks for stepping forward to help with this!

I guess a nice way to get to know Edgeryders and LOTE while building a press release would be to ask a few questions that would give you the information needed.  And then we can answer them in a shared document, with different people contributing different parts of the puzzle. Then perhaps you can help edit the result into something sharp?

Does this work for you? If so the way to start is

  1. Go to the projects (see main menu above)

  2. Click on link for the #LOTE4: The Stewardship group

  3. Create a wiki in which you post the questions (I suggest saving them on a file first so you have a backup).

When you are ready, one of the best ways to get the word out to the rest of the community to ask others on the countonme list to come and help answer the questions on the wiki. You join it here:

Thank you and read you again soon :slight_smile:

Justyna, feel free to contact me with questions as well;)

Hi Natalia

thank you


Thanks for your tipps.

Following your instructions I prepared some questions and opened a wiki.

Let’s see what happens. :wink:

Are you still on this?

Hi @Justine2020, so I think now would be a great time to flesh out the press release.

Tell me what you think of this: we had a community call today and there is this idea to have a twitter press conference in September to announce Lote4. Essentially what happens is that many of us come online on twitter to tweet about the event in sync, for an hour, with a designated hashtag. We did it before last year’s event, and it was quite fun. We should invite the media and organisations who could also be interested.

Would you like to write the press release for it or a more informal call to the community and friendly organisations to join us for one hour on twitter, say 15th of September (date is not fixed, but it will be around that time)? this example of announcement from last year could help, but if you search for “twitterstorm” or “press conference” in the Search button on the upper right side of this website you’ll come across more material.

If we get it done early, we will be able to call others to help translate the call in different languages. The greatest thing about a twitterstorm as we call it is when people start tweeting in their own language, and you get a dozen of those…

Haven’t heard from you…

Hi @Justine2020, we’ve put out an initial announcement, but you are still welcome to make it into an invitation like a press release, that we could use for organisations and media. The only thing is we need to move fast, so let me know if you’re still up for this.

I hope to see you online at the Twitterstorm, Sept 16th at noon (Italy time).

I guess this did not happen


Reopening task as we prepare our 2016 twitterstorm. Who’s in?

Some resources from past storms:

“Save the hashtag” invitation post:

How it went, who tweeted what - on storify:

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Where do we storm?

I’m taking the liberty to assign this provisionally also to Diana and Victoria, since you both are more comms people. The deal is: we do a “press conference” or more like a pre-event online to draw in more people, create buzz and push several conversations around the sessions we have forward. Can we do something on facebook too, not just twitter? Many of the Brussels based people who registered lately for Lote5 are on facebook. Is there a live chat/ streaming functionality that would work in which people from all over would share their thoughts during one hour and talk to each other (more conversation, less broadcasting)?