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:green_book: Distributed Collaboration Manual (DRAFT)

This is a draft version of our manual for spatially distributed collaboration (or “remote work” / “telework” as it’s also called). It will be under heavy development throughout the rest of 2019 – check back for updates! …

4 December 7, 2019
:green_book: Discourse Admin Manual

Content 1. Working with topics and posts 1.1. How to delete an unwanted topic? 1.2. How to see the deleted content written by a certain user? 1.3. How to post to the official blog? 1.4. How to create topic templates? 1…

1 August 5, 2017
:green_book: Company Manual

A collection of data and process knowledge to enable collaboration inside projects, handling finances, forms and involvements for the Edgeryders social enterprise registered in Estonia. Content 1. Company information 2…

17 November 10, 2019
:green_book: Matrix and Riot Manual

We use the Matrix instant messaging system at Edgeryders for collaborating among our teams on projects. This wiki documents how to use your Matrix ID for communication. Content 1. Getting a Matrix account 2. Logging in…

20 October 28, 2019
:green_book: Zoom Video Conferencing Manual

After some frustrating experiences, we decided to purchase a Zoom Pro account. This post documents our current state of best practices for our Zoom video conferences. Content 1. Basic instructions 1.1. Logging in 1.2.…

8 October 21, 2019
:green_book: Edgeryders Communities Platform Manual

This manual documents the properties, setup and usage of self-branded online communities that are based on the Edgeryders technology stack, which is again based on Discourse. This is a current commercial offer by Edgeryd…

10 September 3, 2019
:green_book: Dynalist Manual

(Initial writeup of this documentation by @matthias; welcome to contribute.) Content 1. Introduction 2. Getting started with Dynalist 3. Creating tasks 4. Get notifications about new tasks 5. Working on tasks 6. Ma…

30 July 31, 2019
:green_book: Graphryder Manual

Content 1. Usage 2. Software architecture 3. Installation 3.1. Graphryder API 3.2. Graphryder Dashboard 1. Usage [TODO] 2. Software architecture Components. Graphryder (“GR”) consists of two separate components: a…

11 June 4, 2019
:pushpin: About the Collaboration category 1 October 5, 2017
:green_book: Google Drive Enterprise Manual

Content 1. Team Drives 2. Access control 3. Access your Team Drives 4. Security policies 5. Advanced topics 5.1. Making files accessible to the public 1. Team Drives We are now using Google Drive Enterprise. This…

19 February 15, 2019
:green_book: Capacity Building Manual

Below is the updated version from 2018-07-27. It is important to tighten some areas in our operations and free up work in others. NB this is not new, it follows at least a bunch of conversations in the past: onboarding :…

4 July 28, 2018
:green_book: Calendar Manual

Content 1. Introduction 2. General instructions 2.1. Getting started with Google Calendar 2.2. Creating an event 2.3. Creating an event for a Zoom meeting 2.4. Direct links to the calendars 3. Using the different cal…

15 October 9, 2018
:green_book: Horizon 2020 Project Coordination Manual

This is a track record and template of coordination responsibilities and processes for Edgeryders’ H2020 project coordination so that there is accessible documentation available for re-use and scaling. This process temp…

2 July 31, 2018
:green_book: Community Building Manual

You will read here what Edgeryders community management is about, how you could be doing it too and why that’s such a cool work. Original writeup by @noemi, but it’s a wiki: welcome to contribute. Content 1. Introductio…

8 December 19, 2017
:green_book: Open Ethnographer Manual

This is the manual for Open Ethnographer, our open source, custom software application for ethnographic coding. We use it on this very forum. As usual, this manual is a wiki – update and extend it as needed. Content 1. …

28 May 20, 2018
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