About The Culture Squad



Growing an Edgeryders high speed mobile division to do cultural interventions and amplify local grassroots voices into global ones. We do deep community building and turn cities into social innovation sanboxes. This is a group where we share knowledge, propose projects, plan pitching and fundraising efforts. Introduce yourself below and tell us where you are, what you are up to and how you see yourself joining the Culture Squad.

Our track record:

[Newsletter 8/3] LOTE5 Aftermath: Like free electrons we will continue the journey
Meitheail: cultural programs as a way for communities to come together
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Galway makes it to European Capital of Culture 2020!
[Slides Presentation] Methods and tools for OpenCare community engagement
Fail/unFail living in a Megacity: Cairo as a patchwork of individual solutions
Edgeryders are going to Galway: connecting local projects to global networks in the bid for European Capital of Culture 2020!