What does being an Engagement Manager with Edgeryders mean?

Edgeryders is a community of people doing work outside the mainstream in over 30 countries. Members use the edgeryders.eu platform to come together, inspire one another and help each other, peer to peer. What makes Edgeryders unique is our focus on using advanced techniques and software to induce and harness collective intelligence dynamics to help us better understand complex issues. We do this so that we can make better use of our limited time and resources in trying to tackle them. Most recently we used these methods and tools to explore if networked communities like our own can take care of public assets at scale:

Engagement managers are part of the community heart that keeps Edgeryders thriving and growing. Some of us like @Noemi @Alberto and myself have been doing it continuously since the very beginning almost three years ago. Others such as @Inge and @Hazem have also been part of shaping the Edgeryders school of online engagement.

The Engagement Manager role requires a combination of research/storytelling skills and willingness to learn the Edgeryders way of getting things done online as a distributed team. There is no manual, as the practices are new. However, there is a workflow that we know works for us and which paid Engagement Managers would need to pick up very quickly:

1. Finding interesting people and activities in your local environment from whom others can learn and writing engaging stories about their work (English as well as the local language) on edgeryders.eu.

2. Organising and documenting Weekly Online Community Calls the Edgeryders way (if you do not know how to do this already don’t worry, we can teach you)

3. Updating the social media calendar (Edgeryders News Calendar) with 140 character summaries of stories posted by you and others on edgeryders.eu(see the social media calendar for Spot the Future to get an idea).

4. Translating content on the Edgeryders News Calendar to your own language and spreading it through different online channels (see the social media calendar for Spot the Futureto get an idea).

5. Summarising key points and insights from the relevant online discussions at the end of each week to make it easy for newcomers to catch up in one post (in English as well as in your own language). See the weekly newsletter in English as an example.

  1. Be present in country missions (about 3 days>) with the project coordinator. We will be doing missions in each country during June-July to meet with different stakeholders on the “youth issue” and related, some more formal than others.

Engagement Managers need to be based in one of these countries (and be fluent in the local language): Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, or the Ukraine.

The project lasts 3 months and we estimate it will take 2hrs/day to do the above, pay is 1200 USD per engagement manager (6 people in total).

How do we select people for the paid roles?

Engagement Manager roles are economically compensated through paid projects developed by Edgeryders LBG, the not for profit social enterprise which supports the community. We view these paid roles as a way to invest in people who want to make a personal investment in this community and the company that supports it. So we are looking for people who are:

a) curious and proactive in finding out about interesting, relatively unknown, projects in their country from which others can learn (see the case study adventures ).

b) passionate about connecting people and projects in their local environment with their peers elsewhere in the Edgeryders community (see this exchange to get an idea of how we work).

c) proactive and creative in finding ways to involving people who are not too comfortable with technology or who do not have internet access in the conversation on our open source edgeryders.eu online platform, not on FB or other proprietary platforms (an explanation is posted here).


Exciting and motivating!

Hi Nadia, hope you are well!

Just left my full time job in tourism in Morocco and bought my tickets to spend all summer in Armenia…I was looking for opportunities when I saw your post! smiley

I’d loooove to get involved and help you in Morocco and Armenia. The description of the job matches my skills and experience perfectly and since I’m going to be in Armenia this summer with my daughter - this would be a dream job for me!

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Each engagement manager present in country visit

We will be doing missions in each of these countries during June-July, and an additional requirement would be for each of the engagement managers to accompany @Alberto as he will be the one visiting to meet with different stakeholders on the “youth issue” and related.

Post coming up about this early next week, just a mental note now.

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modify the wiki plz :slight_smile:

Might as well or Ill forget :slight_smile:


Hi Noemi,

Thanks for the dates!

Would be great to meet @Alberto as I didn’t get the chance to meet him in Tbilisi last year! I’d be happy to accompany him in Morocco/Armenia! I’m leaving Morocco on June 3rd so could we do it a bit earlier?

Dates are non-negotiable

Sorry, a lot of moving parts here. The dates for Morocco and Egypt are already set in stone. sad

Ok, I’m actually leaving on June 4th early morning, but I could do my packing earlier and would be able to spend at least 2-3 June with you?Can I have your flight details? I’m based in the High Atlas mountains 50 km away from Marrakech but we can meet in town as well.


Thanks, but…

…there are several problems. First, I will spend most, if not all my time, in Rabat. Second, this gig is all online, and no physical presence is required except in the three days that I am in the country. For those three days, I simply need to be able to rely on the engagement manager being there all the time.

So, I am afraid we can do this only if you are prepared to reschedule your own flight; from what I have been told, one day would not be enough (unless you fly out from Rabat), and you would have to reschedule to the 6th or later.

What do you think?


Hi @Alberto,

Unfortunately I will not be able to postpone my flight as if I don’t fly on the 4th, my daughter turns 2 on the 5th and I will have to pay double price(it’s around 1000$ per ticket) and there are not many flights from Morocco to Armenia, Air France being the only reasonable option.

However, I am now looking for somebody in Morocco for this position and I will keep you posted.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any info about Morocco.