Community call Wednesday 11 am: 8 weeks to LOTE5!

Hello lovelies, hope you had a fair share of rest over the holidays. This Wednesday at 11 AM CET the Living on the Edge extended team resumes its planning work. Come check out where we are and what we need to get better at with:

  1. engaging the speakers to build memorable sessions together with those attending.

2) onboarding new people for Lote5: on Edgeryders and other channels (especially the Antiheroes community in Brussels)

  1. building a team to lead a twitterstorm on January 19! For inspiration, see how we did it for the last LOTE event. Anything you want to add to the agenda for Wed? Let us know in a comment.

A few things to prepare for the call:

  • Pick the sessions you are interested to attend and leave a comment with feedback to the speaker. 
  • The countonme mailing list: sign up to receive daily updates and share your ideas to help make the mailinglist work great in the next months; feel free to pick more tasks in the communication team.

To join the call come to this google hangout.

Date: 2016-01-06 10:00:00 - 2016-01-06 11:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Some topics to discuss

1.Communication efforts

  • twitterstorm
  • countonme
  • how to publish tasks on the FB event

2.Engagement evaluation

  • Bigger narrative post impact
  • Juniors posts status
  • Facebook event impact
  • Google Analytics help

3.Speakers and content

  • Shall we plan for a plenary every morning or everyone just goes to his session?
  • Creative industries track program/sessions and call to action for SMart



6. Which 5 new tasks for the week?

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This week tasks are (almost) not ours

Before Christmas holidays we made a plan to drive engagement and make clear to people why it’s worth coming to LOTE. During the Community call we evaluated the results of this:

  • Alberto’s post got around 100 views, we expected more but it’s a great resource we will keep use in order to introduce LOTE to newcomers.

  • Junior’s posts (Noemi’s and Omar post) got only around 20 views, we need to use these posts for people to register and take tasks.

  • Facebook event page, around 80 interested and 30 participants, only few people took the translation task posted (but at least it happened). It can get boosted by getting clearer to people how they can get their ticket and which sessions they’re dying to attend.

What’s next then?

We got some feedback from @Auli a member of WeShare on our engagement strategy. She got in contact with Noemi cause she wants to participate but got lost in the platform and did not find tasks that could fit for her. On another note she stated: “LOTE is different from everything I know, WeShare Fest is rather hierarchical and much more conventional in this sense”. They also have 1,000 people per day during the fest. She suggests to be careful with the volunteers organization, to plan it with some strategic thinking. Tasks should to assign should make sense for us.

We’re launching this week the countonme and planning for next week the latest a twitterstorm. Also, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays we’re publishing tasks and sessions on the FB event so that people can understand easily how to contribute.

Also, asap both AH and ER should plan for sending out a newsletter to their community to communicating what’s finally boiling 80 days to the event.

Another idea to drive engagement: create a collector of FuckUp bios/Dark Resumes. Participants or wannabe participants should share their failures in a format we need to decide upon on the ER platform.

Finally we should get in contact with some specific people and organizations that could help out in spreading the word, like Social Innovation Factory, Oksigen Lab, Refugee Hackaton, Shaping elephants, etc.

Other updates

Sponsorships: still very calm waters.

Venue: we need to decide with SmartBE how and when they’re going to communicate to their community the event.

Travel grants: by now we cannot promise more than grants to speakers and core team. Noemi feels we could afford at least 3 but it depends on the food costs. We’re not accepting new speakers flying from overseas.

Food costs: Irene and @Manuelpueyo are still working on the Airbnb sponsorship and we’re waiting for a proposal from Dum Tak Veg and Disco Soup.

Tasks we still need to carry out by next Wedn 13th:

  1. Redesign program page - @KiraVde @Noemi and call to other participants on FB

  2. Twitterstorm organized by @Noemi

  3. Countonme organized by @Nadia

  4. Newsletter to ER community and AH core network by @KiraVde @ireinga @Nadia

  5. Start the FuckUp bios campaign by @KiraVde @ireinga @Noemi

  6. Spread the word (FB share of the event and other) through Bxl partners like Social Innovation Factory, Oksigen Lab, Refugee Hackaton, Shaping elephants, etc. @ireinga

7. Organize a meeting with Lieza to discuss a strategy to communicate LOTE with SmartBE community @ireinga @KiraVde

8. Publish 3 / 4 tasks easy to take by newcomers / participants on the FB event @Noemi

  1. Send sponsorship to Airbnb and Lionel’s contacts @ireinga

Good writeup. On it!

I’m on 3,5,8 and will work on points 1,2 over the weekend (twitterstorm and program page).

Re: travel grants - last year we offered 400 eur grants to participants via open calls - a first come, first served based on help in building the event. To be able to estimate if we have that budget while we hope for other sponsorship outside Edgeryders LbG and our hosts at SmartBE (in-kind), we really need an estimate for how much the food will cost us: accounting for shopping in the days we cook, catering and other delivery. Can we have numbers before Wednesday community call? Last year in Matera we made it within 1000 eur the entire food, but that was an exceptionally well managed kitchen :slight_smile:

@ireinga I guess I’m counting on you for the numbers? We could do with a nice post on all food activities in-the-making, now that your team is growing :slight_smile: