List of NGI events 2019-2020-2021

@hugi can you describe what will you be doing (Edgeryders role) at the BornHack and the Radical Networks events?

Is it enough to say outreach, or does it need to be more specific? I’m exactly sure yet.

what it really means? you are just attending and looking for interesting people or you are intervening in a way - as a speaker for example

I have applied to do a talk at Radical Networks and and will also submit a proposal for a workshop at Bornhack, but neither are confirmed yet.

ok great, so I won’t put that it’s confirmed

Sure, that’s not a problem. You can for example keep this topic as the summary, keep it in this Events category, and link from it to the individual topics with more details. The only important thing is that for every event there is a topic with the event’s date and time.

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If there are any new events you want to include in the calendar (or updates on these above) please let me know so that I can update in the official calendar before the end of the week when it will be shared with the PO. @nadia @hugi @zelf

Also, @zelf did you attend this event?

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She did. I met her for coffee soon after. Lots of Scuttlebutt community members were there.

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@hugi any updates on these two events? From now on there is a template to be filled-in for the coordinator containing more information.

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I ended upp skipping Bornhack.
I’m leaving for CCC on Wednesday morning.
What’s in the template?

I also skipped Bornhack, also heading to CCC on Wednesday!

Hugi, I’ll add you to the ssb group chat if you’re not already in too :sparkles:

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I uploaded the form on our Drive, you can find it here. This is to be filled in for the events we are organizing or those in which we have workshops or presentations relevant for NGI. For each of them a short report will be needed afterwards. If this is the case for CCC please fill it in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, will do. Where do I put it once I’ve filled it in?

We can use the same folder where the template is (“outreach events”), NGI team drive

@MariaEuler and @marina I am updating everything here - what I am missing is the list of festival events - could you add them @marina ? @MariaEuler is busy with the event next week

the one by @lylycarrillo that was added in the very end of the festival misses:

1st of dec 2019.

will fill in above

but the link is dead.

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We would need them classified in two categories: organized by Edgeryders and third party events.

Also, were there any events before July 2019?

Missing from this list:


Listening session on surveillance pandemic organised by @alberto
Webinar on OpenSource by Erik Lönroth
Edgeryders participation in EU vs Virus Hackathon


Chris adams workshop on Service design in a climate emergency
Collective intelligence workshop by Liliana
Collective intelligence event by Soenke

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@marina i dont have capacity to add this stuff into the template so I have to leave it to you