Online course on the essentials of distributed work and collaboration

All I don’t wanna do is zoom, zoom, zoom!

Remote collaboration can be hard. We have made all the mistakes and found good solutions so you don’t have to.

This course covers the essentials of remote work and collaboration. The lessons and the learning materials provide a mix of concrete examples, recommendations and general guidelines for changing work culture.

What you will learn about:

  • Collaboration Models: Guidelines and introductions for different collaboration models, from fully remote asynchronous work over online facilitated war room hangouts to prolonged colocation or co-living situations with your colleagues. Those will help you to become aware of possibilities and decide which collaboration form to choose for which project.

  • Remote Onboarding: We address how to develop your remote onboarding process for the best possible start. Do not lose crucial energy and motivation at the start. Establish an accessible, shareable system and the culture necessary to properly onboard new team members no matter where they are.

  • Communication Channels: An overview of possible Communication channels and the appropriate best practices for those different communication channels. With examples reaching from digital preparation and commitment culture to simple hand signs and checklist for choosing the right channel for you.

  • Online Facilitation: Tips and tricks for online facilitation, like how to use and moderate the chat during online call meetings to help you to activate and engage groups of different sizes and goals. Addressing questions like: What makes a good webinar? How can we have online workshops?

  • Data Privacy: Integrate daily practices to ensure the privacy and integrity of you and your colleague’s data. Understand the responsibility of shared resources and the importance of user privacy in a shared online workplace.

  • Event Management: Organise and promote collaborative events in different mediums and channels. You’ll learn how online event organising, when it works, can lead to a result as effective and dynamic as in person meetups.

  • Collaborative Research: Harness the collective intelligence of your platform to gain insight into your audience and the culture that surrounds your work.

  • Digital Wellbeing: Develop the ability to be aware of and balance social and work-related aspects of your and your colleagues’ everyday digital routines. Understand for example the role of cats and other positive noise to amplify social signals in digital communication.

  • Distributed Workflows: Learn clear structuring and sharing habits for common resources and the importance and methods of open communication of workload and ownership for distributed workflows.

Our collaborations, relationships and world are not fixed by turning back time or by downloading the next smart tool. This course supports you in the conscious effort to get socialised in the new distributed digital collaboration rooms open to us.