Project Team Call

This is one of the regular calls with the Spot the Future formal team to help us coordinate the work and catch up on how the project is unfolding in various countries. We expect (some of) the following to attend: [Nadia], [Noemi], [Matthias], [Alberto], [ArthurD], community builders and representatives of UNDP offices in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia.

The calls take place each week on Wednesday at 1 PM CET.

See you guys on our very own private google hangout channel.

If you’re in agreement or you can’t make it simply comment below, thanks :slight_smile:

PS If you’re a community member and would like to learn more about Spot the Future and how you can get involved, directly in a hangout or skype, drop us a line here and @Noemi

Date: 2014-05-28 11:00:00 - 2014-05-28 12:00:00, Europe/Berlin Time.


Travelling tomorrow, can’t make it

Guys I am on the road for another couple of days. But am following the discussions through Noemi and the documentation posted here on the platform.

Let’s make it brief and to the point :slight_smile:

Thanks, Noemi - I’m still taking my baby steps in navigating the platform (playing with fonts mainly:))), but I hope this message reaches the STF team !

Just wanted to suggest to have a structured call:

1. Review of pending tasks for the week  as per our workplan- status and deadlines

2. Agree on the next week tasks/activities

3. Raise any questions/issues.

And let’s keep it as a monitoring excercise to make sure we are on track and have shared understanding on how to proceed further. We can address or discuss country-specific issues on individual basis.

In terms of timing, let’s keep it to maximum of 1 hr, or even less :) What do you think? any suggestions?

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See you in a bit!

Note: once the event is passed due date, any of us can create new ones by going to Coming Up in the main menu:

List an event -> Fill in the info and date -> In Groups assign it to Spot the Future.

Can we just extend the duration to have all informatin about joint calls together?

worthwhile joining?

I was thinking of joining as well to get a better idea of how video documentation for the project might work - even if I just lurk in the background and listen to what you guys have to say!

Hi Sam,

Thanks so much for following these discussions!

I would recommend we have another call for that, we’re still very early in the game and it’s a lot of planning and coordination with country teams.

I wouldn’t think this particular call will work, especially because Nadia can’t be in it and she’s the better suited to give you these details. :slight_smile: how about we set another one when she’s back?

works for me

that sounds good, keep me posted!

Are we meeting today at 1PM CET?

Hello everyone,

I am checking how many of us are able to make it to the meeting today because I am planning my day and I will be giving a workshop on upcycled crafts oday at 3PM CET, so if we meet at 1PM CET sharp, I will have 1,5 hours (then half an hours goes to transport from home to workshop place) which is still not so bad. I will be out the coming hour or two, so please someone send a short message to my phone (+37455310379) if we have a meeting (I use simple phone, which is a phone-phone, not a phone with internet and a other fancy settings so I can’t check my internet when I am out).

Thanks in advance and hope to catch up with you all soon!

Call confirmed.

I’ve also texted you just in case.

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thanks Noemi,

I received it, will be online at 1pm:)

I cannot make it to the call, so I wrote you all a message :slight_smile:

This week’s working out loud post.

With love from me to you

following the discussion here :slight_smile:

If you would like me to join the calls, today or next times, let me know,

I would be happy to join you :slight_smile:

Agenda for tomorrow’s call

Hi everyone,

I’d like to propose that we take (some of) tomorrow’s call time to discuss the upcoming workshops in as much detail as possible and put together a checklist with what needs to be done and who is doing it: participants list, presentations, email invitation, contact person etc Some of it is already in the Workshop Pack wiki here on Edgeryders, but let’s make sure we’re not missing out on anything…

Can I ask that we each give this a thought and list everything we need before the call? I’ve shared this document with the project team, if you need access let me know. See you tomorrow!

@paulienmelis you mentioned some time ago that you could share a workshop format that you guys are trying out… Would you mind uploading it in the shared drive so we can compare notes? Perhaps there are useful tips we can use to make the most out of the events next week… thanks!

Workshops: ok

So I’ve just posted this blogpost calling for participation. I think the workshop should consist of two parts.

  1. A presentation where participants can learn about some of the things their peers are working on in other parts of the world, how spot the future works, and concrete calls to action for how they can get involved in making it awsome if they have 3 minutes,10 minutes or a couple of hours to spare.
    • Preparation required: 
      1. A landing page with instructions and the means to act on the call immediately, from that url. As well as a FB/twitter/print flyer that contains same information for them to take with them from the workshop and share with others.
      2. Slides presenting 3 cool Edgeryders initiatives and a viualisation of how \#futurespotters works.
      3. Prepare the documentation format and a form to sign up people for different things
  2. A show and tell where people present their own work, and learn about some of the things their peers are working on in other parts of the world.
    • Preparation required:
      1. If @Sam Muirhead and @Ahmed M Rabie put their heads together and agree on a nice format, what they need in terms of equipment, time etc. as well as where to post video documentation today.
      2. Prepare instructions for participants and send it to them in the next day or so. We should not forget to ask them to rbing cameras, laptops and use \#futurespotters
      3. Get a hold of the materials and equipment needed
      4. Prepare the landing page for people to post, share and remix video, image and text materials for Spot The Future. NB: interaction needs to always drive participation here on the platform.
        • A creative concept to drive this. 
        • Tools that can be embedded here on the Edgeryders platform (I haven't checked out popcorn or, but they look promising)
        • A page on platform where it all comes together. Like a less workintensive version of weneedtotalk.
        • Routine for uploading content into one account (vimeo and youtube)

See you in 2 hours?

I’m looking forward to our call later today, hope to see you all for:

  1. a short debriefing session on what we each got out of the workshops and which of the ideas have big potential to move forward

  2. discussing steps ahead: here is my take on what we all need to be doing in the upcoming weeks, what’s yours?

  3. setting the date for the final Tbilisi event and assembling a small team to start working on that!!

Planning for Tbilisi final event

Hey everyone, in a couple of days we want to set the date for the final futurespotters event in Tbilisi, after mid June:

Please vote your preferred dates here in this dudle Sam set up. Thanks!

Also ping @Ahmed M Rabie @gazbee sorour @Nadia @ArthurD @Matthias …

All of us?

I don’t think that I am supposed to go to Tbilisi as I’m “only the tech guy” in this project (… or has this been budgeted for?)

no question about it

Surely you’re most welcome to come, I remember to have considered all the team when budgeting.

[t.b.c.] Official event 25/6-26/6 followed by 2 day Barcamp

Ahead of tomorrows call I would like to try to get the following things done. Who can help with what? Ping @Inge @Vahagn @Hazem @Ahmed M Rabie

  1. Prepare the June event volunteer dashboard, event page on and event invitation text,
  2. Write a follow up blogpost *with some of this post recycked in it* and email a link to it within the next 24 hours. This time it's not just to the participants in Egypt, but to everyone. 
  3. Prepare twitterstorm instructions based on Ben's post and link to past successes. Engage workshop participants to join in.