Webinar & Community Call Schedule: Proposals/Wishlist

This is a wiki where we collect preliminary proposals/ideas for community calls and or webinars on different themes. Add your own to the list- we will then discuss and flesh out the contents together to ensure well curated, well prepared program of online activities.

Added a globally pinned post in which all the community calls are listed:

(there are Weekly, Special Events and Planned/in development calls)

Webinar Contents

Theme: Work

  1. On the changing nature of work and what it means for ethical technology builders invited (prel acceptance): Thomas Mygdahl: (the tech pledge, use of digital tools e.G their video platform). *Next steps: define the invitation to the event (to speaker/ participants - model on AI & Justice event invitation) Other guest: People from Chris’s orbit re environmental + +. * Proposed by: @nadia
  2. How do you generate good work in less than ideal economic conditions? Guest: Yannick Schandene - suggestions welcome. Proposed by: @nadia @noemi
  3. What does Good work mean as seen from alt economic protagonists/pioneers:? Guest: T.b.c - suggestions welcome. Proposed by: @nadia
  4. What will you do if your usual funding sources dry up? An unimaginable amount of money is incerasingly diverted to dealing with the effects of the virus. Government, foundation and other funding may change radically in response and some funding could go away altogether. Is there a plan B? Example: @DanicaLacarac just posted, “ps, since yesterday our investor has paused finances until this all pass, more challenges to deal with”. Proposed by: @johncoate
  5. Does volunteeering to support covid19 fight contribute to growing your organisation? Many groups we know are re-purposing efforts towards their local communities (example of visors ad hoc production). We are not sure how the economic loss and the solidarity gain add up though. What do you stand to lose or gain in the short term? What about the long term? Guest: Blivande crew. Proposed by @Noemi.
  6. Confessions of medical experts turned public scientists (not necessarily by choice) Based on this article admitting to hopelessness and frustration. Maybe it’s possible to invite the author, or similar. Proposed by: @noemi
  7. How the landscape of publicly engaged art is evolving in corona times With Nabeel P (UK?). Proposed by: @noemi
  8. More topics welcome here @amelia @noemi

Theme: Surviving Boredom and Mental Health

  1. Dinner with strangers: A series of online events where have dinner together with random strangers…across a screen :slight_smile: We talked about ordering packs of DIDI asks physical game cards from @HadeerGhareeb , one per dinner table, to break the ice. @jasen_lakic and @nadia are game - who else is up for helping to design and test the first dinner?
  2. #WorkfromHome: Wait but who’s watching the kids?: A webinar about new family routines and sharing of the roles. Stories told by Manu (Italian entrepreneur in Bucharest), Bridget M. (climate activist UK), perhaps Henry (designer, Germany) or even Hany (Egypt, based on this story). Because this is an unusual disclosure in Edgeryders about personal life, it would need additional preparations and carefully written invitations. Proposed by @noemi (idea stage!).
  3. 1-week course + forum +webinar for families to learn to use VR creatively What can we do together? Drawing on some Virtual Reality Dreams

Theme: Observation (from subscription to surveillance in the wake of Cvid19):

  1. Subscription Education: Community Call: The role and value of open source in context of the Covid-19 Crisis . Webinar with opensource experts on different subscription models, their implications and what it means to rush into a subscription society.
  2. Surveillance Pandemic: A surveillance pandemic? A community listening session on emergent post-COVID trends, from contact tracking to special powers

Instructions: How we build a good webinar

These are two examples of webinars we have run in the past:

What we have learned about how to build a good webinar:

  • pick the technology carefully: make sure it can accommodate a few tens of people
  • have a registration page for participants to sign up with their email address
  • have a charismatic moderator who asks the guests questions and makes sure the conversation is kept within time limits
  • have partners who cross-promote the event and even live screen it in a public location
  • 1-2 speakers is ideal for 1h30mins max. More speakers need more time.

Relevant tools we have at our disposal

Always-on video chat meeting rooms

These are intended for things like running online events where you need breakout rooms, running team meetings or even for just hanging. They are only available to people with edgeryders.eu accounts. If you want to create your own you can do so by posting a request in a comment below. We will follow up with a few questions in a direct message to be sure everyone is aligned in how the room is to be used and then open a room for you. Example here.

Active Online Community Forums with built in sensemaking tools

Relevant because: This enables us to easily connect with others interested in the same topics. Deepen the discussions. Build visualisations to show points of convergence with others as a foundation for potential collaborations around emergent insights.

Registration forms for events that smoothly onboard participants onto online forums

Relevant because: we want to make it easy for people to connect and start the conversations before, and after the event. So that the webinars are part of a fruitful, action oriented process rather than something you just “consume”. Example from previous event: https://register.edgeryders.eu

Landing pages

Webinar only: This is a functionality which enables you to host a webinar that has restricted access to the livechat. This is very useful for when you want to have different levels of access. For example you may want to limit access to people who participated in the preparatory conversations or participated in a previous activity. It is also useful if you want to do crowdfunding campaigns where one of the perks is to have one’s questions featured during the webinar. Example here: https://live.edgeryders.eu/

Community Dialogue: We have developed a stack of modules that enable you to set up a minisite that make it easy to present the campaign or larger set of activities within which the Webinar/ Community Call lives. It enables you to feature discussion threads or high quality posts. Everything is easily updated through the online edgeryders platform. Example here: work.edgeryders.eu


Will post more in detail, but for now as a note: Working on bringing together people for call/webinar (series) on online teaching and open source:

  1. how to develop a online curriculum (been talking to zmorda and jirka for experts)
  2. The value one open source and incompleteness (talking to erik and mattias for experts)
  3. Which values do we have to teach/learn for better (online) behaviour. (digital socialisation relevant in context of work and schooling)

cool cool. Can you keep this wiki updated: Webinar & Community Call Schedule: Proposals/Wishlist

Hei @MariaEuler - I will contribute here with updates around Tuesday, if that’s OK,
I need to think which of the related work topics could be useful to explore, and with whom - ideally we would confirm some next week,



Had a very interesting call this morning with @federico_monaco and he proposed a 1-week course for families to use VR creatively with a webinar in the end and using the Edgeryder forum as a learning and communication platform during the course,

notes from the call here:

what do you think? :slight_smile:

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It sounds lovely. What, if any, support do you need?

Hi @MariaEuler @msanti hope you both are well-curious as to whether you managed to get an outline for the mapping the mappers topic? Maybe it could be good to put together a summary so we can build on it?

I would need a person or two on the content side to work with. Kind of a topic lead. Then I can help them to get the rest together. @msanti could we maybe formulate a 5 sentence invitation and get together 3-5 people for a call to discuss what the webinar should be like? For the other webinars, I am working on now having prep-meetings was most important. We can offer secure calls via rsvp. Will get back to the writeup of the call we had and invite who was there.