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We are a global community working together to make health- and social care accessible for all, open source, privacy-friendly and participatory. It starts from the assumption that state and private institutions will be unable to meet the demands for care in the 21st century and that new, more open, participatory, community-based methods are required.

How to make the most out of being part of the community right now

Come to the OpenVillage Festival on 19-21 October, in Brussels! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and shape the future with inspiring people using opentech and science to reimagine how we care for one another.

First create an account on Edgeryders.eu. Now complete the following steps:

  1. Share your story in a post - let fellow community members know a little more about you.
  2. Comment 3 stories from the one below.
  3. You're now set to Meet the OpenCarers at the Festival. Keep an eye on the Program in development!
  4. Join our global media team sharing \#opencare, a curated list of three best-of stories on care related topics.

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