Wiki: Setting up the Edgeryders Assembly at #31c3

This wiki is where we coordinate. I’m transferring questions from the form on this page below.

Please fill in the answers so we are working in parallel. We’ve had some discussion in the comments on this page so maybe some answers you can find in them to transfer to this wiki!

1. Help fill in the form

Website(s): Kiderwind, Makerfox, unMonastery, Harmonious Hackathons, and Edgeryders

Official Contact: [please add your name, email address and mobile phone number if you’re helping with the assembly so we can all get in touch during the event]

  • cjd - cjd at cjdns  dot  fr
  • igel - igel at hyperboria dot ca
  • Ladyniasan - nadia at edgeryders dot eu
  • [x] At the event we will need an irc channel, I propose \#edgeryders on freenode, WDYT? //Yes!- sez Nadia//
    • We have linked together both \#fc-slash-eight (hypeirc) and \#edgeryders (freenode) channels. //Cool!

Short Description:

“Why do we still need to go get jobs and work for the man?” - Edgeryders are coming to ‪#‎31C3‬ in search of wisdom and allies.

Things will not get better simply because we have the ability to revolt or tear down states, we have to build something better. So what infrastructures do we need for people to be ok, who is already doing relevant work and how can we support one another?

Edgeryders, initiators of the unMonastery project are reaching out to hackers around the world to share hands on experience, pool resources and built infrastructures we need to support each others work, and live great lives …p2p.

Which projects are creating conditions for the ability of people to thrive without needing to get jobs and work for the man? What other examples are there of people hacking technologies, relationships and lifestyles to support important work outside the mainstream? What social-technical infrastructures are needed to ensure every human has their needs fulfilled and can live without hunger, fear or despair- what is already out there and just needs support… and what do we need to modify or build from scratch?

We keep this exchange pragmatic and based on hands-on experience from existing or past initiatives. Successes and failures are equally valuable. When we are done with the Food and program planning wiki (please help!), we should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What's happening: 140 character description
  2. Where and when : Point to location on map of venue
  3. How to participate: in Building the assembly [url], running the assembly [url], following up on the assembly [url]
  4. How to get involved: things people can do to support the effort on location, remotely
  5. What to bring with you:

Select parent assembly, if any:  Noisy Square or fc-slash-eight

  1. No parent assembly, we will ask the organizers to place us nearby to fc-slash-eight.
    1. Note(dec3): fc-slash-eight member requested area next to the (not yet registered) CCC-CH / Swiss CCC assembly. Alternatively be near the freifunk assembly.
  2. Food-Hacking-Base is another alternative if they would like to collaborate?
    1. Note (dec3): Foodhacking Base asked if we want to join their assembly/share space if they get it- " we are still waiting for the 31c3 orga to confirm that they have suitable location for us, we may be without running water and drainage this year, which we can sort out but it will make some extra pressure on us"- Frantisek [Algoldor]

Select related assemblies: [add related assemblies]

  • Amnesty International - We fight for human rights in the digital age.
  • Computerwerk - We repair computers and help people to repair their own machines.
  • CryptoParty - CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography software and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public. This assembly is set up to spread and discuss the idea but also to provide a place where people can ask ALL the questions.
  • Fc-slash-eight - Encrypting the Internet, one peer at a time
  • Food Hacking Base - We are a bunch of hackers from all over the world who share the love for food, beverage and bio hacks!
  • Freifunk - International Freifunk and wireless community assembly (formerly aka "wireless corner")
  • Kidspace - Open assembly to organize a place for kids and parents.
  • KinkyGeeks - Kinky Geeks meet here. Find us in \#BDSM in the hackint IRC network.
  • Noisy Square - Central meeting space for politics involving technology and vice versa.
  • Offline Networks - The future is offline! An assembly all about offline networks.

    Everyone interested in the growing offline networks community is welcome!

  • Open Data - We are enthusiasts of the Open Data community in Germany who would like to represent open data hacks and cool showcases, give open data workshops to individuals and discuss with people passing-by about open data projects. Specifically, we want to create a place to go for young coders and other interested minors. Therefore, we would prefer a space which is easy to find.
  • - We are supporters of the project openstreetmap, map the world, create maps, print maps, play with GPS, laser rangefinders
  • Studentennetze - networks for students
  • The Federation - Assembly of everything federated, decentralized and social. Diaspora, Friendica, Red, GNU Social, Twister, and all other wonderful decentralized, federated projects welcome!

Tags: HackCare, unMonastery, Well-being, Health, Food, Autarchy, Community, Resilience, Mutual Support

Provides location for sessions (Y/N): Yes!

E-Mail contact for organizing team:

Things we bring: [Please put everything special here, that you might bring to the congress and that might need some extra space like 3D Printers, a CNC-Cutter or stuff like that.]

Need to know by [ ] ?? next Thursday.

  1. fc-slash-eight - I heard we are bringing a monitor and some electrical power strips. Routers.

Member seats needed: 10

fc-slash-eight asked for 10 and has 6 people known to be coming so if we’re side-by-side, being a little short is not a disaster.

Extra seats needed: 20

Planned sessions: Soup and Tell

Assembly specification  (we need to choose one of three options) 

2. We’d like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot’s of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.  

Planning notes: We need 2 tables, 30 chairs, ideally some kind of “wall surface” to put up posters and notes on, and electric outlets. The neighbourhood we would like is a busy area with lots of people in it.

Things needed to bring:

  • Electricity (power strips, extension cords)
  • Ethernet cables (if wired internet is desired)
  • Lights if we want bright light shining on anything (many of the assembly areas ((the best ones)) are dimly lit)
  • Stickers / documents if desired

Things we need to know by the 4th of December:

  • How many people (guess) (fc-slash-eight is roughly 7 people?): We are 7-10 people
  • Will we be bringing toys which require space? (a whiteboard or chart for people to write ideas?): Yes. A mobile whiteboard (on wheels if we can find it)
  • Are we planning any lectures/session? How much time/seating?: Yes. A few lightning talks where people present their work and others ask questions as well as some group exercises.

Jobs to do: will be determined here.

This is all tentative, if we don’t want to do something then we can just scratch it.

  • If we want to manage food, we ought to have a Minister of Food here: @Nadia
  • @cjd (or @igel (done)) -> register with the c3
  • Manager of stickers and pamphlets: @Alberto
  • Gaffer (chief electrician): @msanti
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Wiki assigned to project

@nadia, I created the “Edgeryders at #31C3” project and assigned this wiki to it.


hmm hmm hmmmm making everything up as I go :D/

Ok here’s what I heard

  • Why do we still need to go get jobs and work for the man?
  • Why is there so much reproduction of old structures and behaviours that hold us back and how do we change this?
  • If we ‘re so smart, why are we unable to ensure every human has their needs fulfilled and can live without hunger, fear or despair?

Things will not get better simply because we have the ability to revolt or tear down states, we have to build something better.

So what infrastructures do we need for people to be ok, who is already doing relevant work and how can we support one another?  

During #31c3 we’re running a food//drinks centred space to host conversations about mapping what people are doing, which parts of the puzzle of well being they are contributing to, what kinds of infrastructures are missing for us to support each others projects, and live great lives …p2p?   We found this visualisation of the different dimensions of well-being:  


Which part(s) of the puzzle are you hacking on or are interested in? Show and tell what you are working on and connect with others at the Edgeryders community kitchen during #31C3. After the event we follow up connecting people with complimentary projects, needs, missions and skillsets in Harmonious Hackathons.  

Question: How do we document this well in the space and online so it easily leads to harmonious hackathon organisation? What do we need to know about people and their projects and the problems? What do we need people to commit to in order for this to happen?

+1+1 +1 +1+1 +1+1perfect


+1 +1 +1

+1 +1


perfect (but we still need a Maestro of Food)

Food and drinks?

That calls for some logistics! Buying stuff, transporting it to Hamburg… Any ideas?

@msanti, @Nadia and I will not be far from each other in the days before 31C3 – Massimo, we will be in Modena chez Cottica. Maybe we could coordinate to get some Emilia Romagna easily portable stuff? Parmigiano etc.?

BTW, we will fly I think Brussels Airlines from Bologna on 26th.

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Homemade food.

Sure @alberto! I’ll have some spare space in my baggage, and also I noticed that TNT offers (until 17 December) a free 100kg international shipping, b2b, for new customers with VAT number FedEx Italia… we could find some business in Hamburg (maybe it’s necessary a check on customs rules).

Good hack!

But if we want to do more than offer the occasional aperitivo, we need to do some heavy lifting. For the record, I would keep it simple, buy some Parmigiano and other traditional food and carry it in out luggage. But maybe @Nadia has other plans, and who does the work calls the shot.


Anyone speaks german and could create an account on ? I hope you could secure some food rescued by this very vibrant community!

@Matthias I understand that you don’t join us in Hamburg?

Mmh yea

True, won’t be at 31C3. I could help with creating the account, but I guess that does not really help if I don’t operate it to at least inform you others what is when where for being rescued?

We’ll handle it

If you don’t come then it doesn’t make that much sense to bother you.

I still recommend you checking out


we could also coordinate food with foodhackingbase, some recent emails on their list: The foodhackingbase November 2014 Archive by thread

I think this is a good idea. How to collaborate?

I think a tasty, nutritious and inexpensive vegan food would be a good contribution. But we need to think a bit about the format because it says in the Fhb at 31C3-preparation wiki that the congress organisers don’t like food assemblies/initiatives that don’t have enough of a focus on technology and science of hacking:

“just food preparation etc.” is not too important to the curriculum of CCC congress. It looks like that going more experimental and focusing on technology and science of hacking within the food, beverage and bio hacking would be welcomed. We have started to go this way after OHM2013 with 30c3 being much less about “cooking and catering” and rather about workshops and education how to do stuff. If we further add more tech and science and importantly talk and coordinate with the people involved in bio hacking in general, we should be able to consent with orga again."

I think the purpose is to get people talking with one another about what work they are doing, and why. As well as for us to collaboratively figure out where each project/participant fits on a “map” (I dont mean this literally): what they are trying to achieve,  what they can contribute to the community of peers and what they need support/help with.

Format: Initially I had in mind that we cook soup… a mix between Disco Soup | Detroit Soup and the introductory session we do at workshops with Talk to me Bubbles ( emphasis on good documentation).

The person we should talk to I think is: algoldor at

Is this someone you know? Do you want to contact them or should I?

thanks and please follow up on whatever you can!

Thank you @Nadia for taking your time to research on that <3

Please do follow up on whatever you can! Next two days I will stay busy with in Paris , after that hichhiking to Trento 2-3 days where we plan dev sprint with @mstn, I should have some time available then but would prefer minimize any other commitments since I tend to estimate my capability with to much optimism.  I also want to make sure to keep up with work in W3C Social Activity!

Ok I emailed Algoldor!

"Hi Frantisek,

@elfpavlik mentioned you guys were running foodhacking base activities at 31C3. We would like to do some activities which involve food also. Plus I am personally very interested in food. Perhaps it would be possible to collaborate?

To get an idea of what you are doing and how we could help/collaborate I checked the mailing list records, the Fhb at 31C3 Preparation Wiki (btw does this Everycook gadget really exist and are they bringing one with them to 31C3?),
To get an idea of what Edgeryders are about check out this article on Dazed Magazine.  We learned from the unMonastery experience how important food is: planning and preparing and eating together for many reasons...both for community and individual. Perhaps it's time we look more into foodhacking, maybe even make it a part of the next unMonastery so this is a good opportunity to experiment and learn...

This is where we are coordinating activities during 31C3 and this is as far as we have come in the discussion about #31C3 food activities. We have not done food activities in a large space before (I have some experience working as a cook in a commercial restaurant). This means we don’t have experience or equipment, but we are happy to collaborate, contribute to sharing costs etc.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
I can also be reached through @Ladyniasan on twitter."

Assembly page posted on c3

If in doubt, check everything, I was rather liberal in my interpretation of intent and my rewording. If you want something changed, I think you can just change it on the site.

Mail from them will goto my personal mail because I don’t know of an ER mailfunnel :frowning: I’ll post what I receive here.

I made it pretty clear that some things are not known yet and will be finalized as of dec4.

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Thank you!

This is a great start, thank you. We’ll need to update it anyway over the next couple of days.

ping Marc

Hey @Marc, would you like to join us in Hamburg? I think people participating in congress would find interest in your work on Solar Tracker, Arduino, aquaponics etc. 

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